Suicidal Apparition

Mountains filled with the tallest of naturally greened trees and a bright day showed through all of the distance in my horizons. I was visiting my father, step mother, my step brother, step grandmother and her boyfriend with my older sister in the serenely majestic town of Tallahassee, Georgia. We were camping in a trailer on the mountain side of a beautiful camping park where the creek trickled softly in the background.

Everything around me was pure and thriving with abundant life under the warm summer sun. The vacation get away seemed picture perfect and although houses were being built, it still seemed so untouched by man. My family crammed in my dad’s golden Hyundai Santa Fe which soon went weaving through the curvy streets within the valley while disco beats were playing in the curious air.

When we passed some curves, I began to effortlessly daydream out the window into the open scenery and upon the visually stunning mountain terrain. Such sweet beauty draws so many descriptive meanings upon the inquired mind. We drove into the parking lot of a national park surrounded by tall red woods which filled the space to the brim with pristine nature.

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