October Creeper

This happened several years ago. My best friend, Will, and I were working on a souvenir booth with my aunt at the local haunted house, which opened every Friday and Saturday night in October, plus Halloween.

At the time, Will wasn’t old enough to be an actor in the actual haunt. I’m a couple years older than him, but I decided to work the souvenir booth with him so he’d have someone besides my aunt to talk to.

Anyway, it was really cold one night, and I wanted to get some hot chocolate.

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The Costume Ball Creeper

A little background before I start. I am a young female who just recently turned 21. This experience happened to me last year.

I was invited to a Halloween Costume Ball at a high-class venue. My friends and I all dressed up as angels. We got to the venue at about Quarter to Eight. As we were walking in, we noticed a rather beat-up black pickup truck pull into the parking lot. My friends and I shrugged it off.

After all maybe the person was laying up his costume.

Over the next hour, I danced and had some food with my friends. The whole time I noticed a creepy looking man staring at me. I thought to myself: “why is that old guy staring at me?” Then I left to go to the restroom. The room was completely deserted. Usually the bathrooms are packed with potheads and alcoholics. I immediately got a bad feeling. I hurried up into the stall to do my business.

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