Life Is a Glitching Game

I’ve had some fairly creepy moments in my life, but none of them have left me as puzzled as these three separate events.

I live in a small, suburban area of Ohio. I’ve gone to the same school my entire life, never moving once. Our school used to be separated into three different parts: The primary school, which was pre-school through second grade. Then there was the intermediate building, which was third through sixth grade. Finally, the high school housed seventh grade through twelfth grade.

At the time of the first story, I was in fifth grade. Now, I won’t say that my memory is golden, but this particular event still sticks out as it often comes up in conversation with my friend who was also involved, named Lilly.

Classes had just ended for lunch break, and so I went to my locker to fetch what I had packed. I will admit, I was a little slow, and so Lilly and I got cut off from the rest of the crowd. When we started walking towards the lunch room which was right next to the gym, I noticed how strangely quiet it was. Normally, it wasn’t like that since fourth graders were typically in Physical Education at the time, so it was extra loud in the lunch room, since the only thing separating both areas was a thin divider that acted as a wall.

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