Stranger at the Truck Stop

Before getting into this story, currently where I live, there have been posts on Facebook with people who have claimed to have been approached by people about “bibles” and “the word of god” and if they’re interested.

One women said she was approached by a female and asked about a bible, she declined and then was followed through 4 neighboring towns until she finally pulled into a police station where the car, full of guys, slowly drove past her, glaring. This was taking place about 15 minutes from where I live.

Turns out, its human trafficking, sex trafficking, the whole 9 yards.

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Creepy Guys at the Gas Station

This happened to me very recently and though I’m okay it’s still scary to think about.  I had to get gas for my car as my dad had always drilled the rule of “never let your car get below half a tank of gas!” into my head since before I was able to drive.  The gas station in town was roped off due to the pumps not working.  Unfortunately this is a fairly regular occurrence now that the gas station got new gas pumps and all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet.

There is another gas station on the outskirts of town that I decided to go to instead.  The gas station wasn’t completely packed but it was rather full.  I was able to find a spot that was open but I was behind a large truck.  This didn’t bother me as I figured that I would back out of the spot when I was done and get out of the parking lot that way.

I got out of the car and begin fueling when I notice this old beat up burgundy colored car slowly starts circling the gas station.  I notice that there were two people in the car and both looked to be in their late sixties to early seventies.  Both looked down on their luck with torn and very ratty looking clothing, unkempt beards, and hair sticking out in every which direction.  I then notice how they’re looking at me as if I’m a piece of steak and they are starving wolves.  I can feel my blood pressure rise and keep an eye on them when they park their car right behind me effectively boxing me in.  They parked horizontally so there were no spaces for me to get in and out.

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