White werwolf

It was nearly summer, late may of 2018 when a good friend of mine and his girlfriend decided to come for a weekend visit, we all decided it would be fun to spend the weekend at my moms property.

My mom lives in a small area in northern Alberta, Darwell to be precise. It consists of a restraunt/bar, school, General store/gas station a library and community hall. Not many people have heard of the place as its a bit remote, lots of farms in the area.

It was saturday night, around mid night when me and my friend Matt managed to sneak outside after hours of trying to get his crazy girlfriend to go to bed so we can catch up on whats been happening the past few months.

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Still watched….

Hi my name is Peter, this is the first time I’ve ever told someone about what happend two years ago. So please don’t be mad for me not remembering all of the details. I live in small village in Czech Republic, in south Moravia. And this is my story.

Two years ago I’ve woke up at midnight in complete paralize. I’ve heard a few words : Please help me, it’s comming for me.. . I was scared so much that I couldn’t even point my eyes to the way of the words comming from. About 10 minutes later I’ve heard women screaming for help, so I get up from my bed and went into the hallway. In the end of that hallway are door that leads to our backyard that ends with few trees that afterwards becomes a little forrest where me and my friend used to play hide and seek. But this day…..well this night I saw there women dressed in white almost glowing white dress. On our backyard I heard steps so I looked the same direction that the sound of those steps was comming. I saw one lonely man dressed in black coat. He turned his head my way, and I can clearly remember how he slowly and calmly told me not to be bothered that he is not here for me this time. His face was pale almost white with no mouth, nose or eyes. And than he spoke again : Like I said don’t worry I’m not here for you today!!. He said it like it should warn me to go away, like he don’t want me to look. And thats the last thing that I remember from that night next morning my parents woke me up I was laying on the floor of our hallway when they asked me how I’ve got there I heaven’t said anything of that what happend that night…

Few weeks ago from now I’ve heard voices talking about the ghost rider… Well I’ve seen the film wich Nicolas Cage but nothing was simmilar with that movie… Later my older sister was watching some TV show and there was a ghost rider I’ve looked on her PC and I saw something that looked exactly like the man I saw in our backyard. That night I couldn’t fall asleep..

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