The Forest of shadows

I want to start this story off by saying, every word in this is 100% true, I am no stranger to things weird or paranormal and this is the story of the beginning of that familiarity and what started my obsession with the study of magic and the spirit world. First off my name is Brad I am 25 years old and I am from North Carolina in a small town sandwiched between Charlotte and the foot hills, we are 30 minutes away from the city and 30 minutes away from the middle of nowhere, it’s the perfect amount of urban to rural ratio,

My parents have lived in the same house since i was 2, it’s at the end of a dead end road surrounded by woods on all sides for a few miles. this story takes place around the age of 9 in 2001,

my days would consist of me going to school, coming home, getting one of my 2 friends that lived on this dead end road and either play on the road and hurt our self or play in the woods and hurt our self, actually not to long after this story takes place i almost lost my pinky finger via a skateboard and I still sport a scar that wraps around my pinky so needless to say we were fearless, now on with the story.

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Not what I expected

Hello everyone.

At the begining I think I should introduce myself a little. I’m from Poland and for six years I’m a member of one of the biggest paranormal investigating teams in country. Sometimes people call to us and ask for help with things that they think are “paranormal”. I’ve got a lot of cases, files, photos and recordings of strange things and creatures. But this time I’d like to tell you about one of the weridest cases I’ve ever seen.

It was four years ago. I live near Czech and German borders, at the mining comunity. One day I returned from work and saw a new E-mail from HQ. They wanted me to investigate a call from village, almost at Czech border. It was some way from me but I lived closer to it than anyone else. So, the call was about suspected ghost activity. Not in one home but in entire village. From the intelligence HQ send me I tought it was a powerfull Poltergeist. I packed up ghost hunting equipment and got on my way. It took me about two and a half hour to get to the place.

At my arrival I saw small, quiet village. Only about ten houses, no shop or even a bus stop. I made a circle trough the village, just for some fun. Then moved to adress HQ gave me. It was preety, wooden house, in the middle of the village. A young man opened me the door.

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Hellish vampiric creature

This all happened around a month ago, in December of 2017. A while ago I posted about my encounter with a strange pale creature in the woods behind my mom’s house. I had prayed i would never see this creature again, but I have and I am begining to belive my initial belief that it was a rake-like creature was dead wrong.

It was early December and I was staying at my mom’s for awhile. It was about 10 pm when I decided to go to the gas station a few blocks away. There is a small forest behind my mother’s house, and I decided to cut through the path in the woods that would make the trip much quicker.

The whole time I was walking, I felt like I was being watched. The woods were dead silent, the only noise being my feet crunching the leaves. Apart from the uneasy feeling, I got to the gas station alright. I bought a six pack of beer and trecked back through the woods.

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My name is Orion Garner, and I was over at my friend Maxwell’s farm. I was over for a sleepover. We were playing video games in Maxwell’s room when his mom came in and told us to close the chicken coop, we complained because it was pitch black outside, somewhere around 10 pm, but we went out anyways because we did not want to look like wusses. Me and Maxwell searched around for the biggest flashlights we could find and went outside.

The road to the chicken coop was a long dirt trail about 50 feet long. Maxwell started playing rap music on his phone to make us more comfortable, but I was still on edge. As we got farther and farther from the porch light, the only light we had was from Maxwell’s phone and our flashlights. When we were about 30 feet away from the chicken coop, I felt like, when I was walking, I was getting farther away from the music that Maxwell was playing. SoI stopped and looked at Maxwell and he was not moving.

I walked back to him and said, “what’s up?” He started turning off the music and whispered, “turn of your light.” Then he pointed into the forest and there were two small reflected lights right next to each other. I did not know what Maxwell thought of it, but I was feeling strange. I was more curious about what the body looked like than afraid. Then the eyes started slowly moving side to side like a snake, only it was too big to be a snake. My brain was working as hard as it could to understand what it was. I could tell it was a large creature or at least taller than a panther or a wolf, but it keep its eyes on us. We could tell that it saw us or at least knew that we were there.

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Summer Break in Blue Ridge

This past Summer break, my sister and I went to the mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We rented a cabin and were pretty excited to get there. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive through mostly mountain roads. The GPS was pretty spotty, and I’ve had trouble with it before where it would get confused and send me a really roundabout way to my destination.

As soon as we started getting deeper and deeper into the trees, we started noticing some pretty creepy stuff. At one point, we drove by what looked like a dilapidated old trailer. We were driving pretty slow at this point because we were on a curvy gravel road. We were just being jerks and giggling at how rundown this place was when we noticed that a bunch of people started filing out of it and just stared at us as we drove past. Needless to say, I tried to go as fast as my little 4 cylinder car could handle.

That wasn’t the creepiest part, though. At one point, my GPS started getting REALLY confused, and kept trying to tell me to turn onto roads that didn’t exist. And I don’t mean ‘oh, there used to be a road there, but there isn’t anymore’ no- there were obviously never any roads where it kept wanting me to turn. I just kept going straight and watching the GPS glitch. Finally, for a brief moment, it stopped telling me to turn onto nonexistent roads and just said ‘EYES IN THE TREES’ instead of any road name or direction. Then, it blinked again and was giving me correct directions again.

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Encounter with a Strange Creature

Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a small town with my brother and grandparents in southern Virginia, about an hour away from Richmond, Virginia’s capitol. Living in a rural area, you are bound to see or experiance weird things, but this encounter happened to me while I was staying at my mom’s house.

My mom lives in a suburb in Richmond. Behind her house is about 30 or so acres of woods. I don’t know who or if anyone owns it. This was during summer break. My mom works as a nurse for an elderly lady so she has to spend the night at work Sunday through Wednesday. This happened on a Tuesday night. Everyone had gone to bed so i decided to smoke some maijuana. It was a warm summer night and I sat at the bottom of the back deck stairs and packed my pipe.

For what ever reason, I looked up towards the wooded area. Standing just behind the chainlink fence, I saw what appeared to be a figure hunched over. I couldn’t tell if it was facing towards or away from me. I paused for a moment. At first I thought surely it’s just an oddly shaped stump. But at that moment I saw the figure stand up. Bear in mind, I hadn’t smoked yet, as this figure inturupted me so I was sitting absolutely still holding my pipe looking at the figure. We both stood still for about two minutes.

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      This story happened to me over the span of about 5 years, starting back in 1999 during my second year of middle school and ending near my 18th birthday. Before I begin, I’d like to apologize for the length of this story, as it really means a lot to me and I feel that I need to spend some time explaining all of the details. Now I’ve never been one to believe in ghosts and spirits and all that. Even now, I find it very hard to place my trust in the supposed paranormal encounters that I hear from time to time. However, these events that I’m about to share changed my life forever, and I will never think about life and death the same way again.

The story starts when I was 12 years old and attending 7th grade in Black Forest Colorado. I didn’t have many friends at the time because I was new to the area, and I was also a bit shy. I can’t even recall who I was friends with back then. However, I remember very clearly the day that I met her. She was a tall blonde girl who always had this sad and confused look in her eyes. Her name was Allie. I had seen her around the school before, and I knew that there was something a little off about her, like she had some kind of mental disability or something. Whenever I saw her she was always sitting somewhere by herself and drawing in her notebook.

People would make fun of her all the time because she was so quiet, like she literally never said a word to anyone. Ever. I actually thought that she might have been mute. It wasn’t until about half way through the semester when I noticed her standing near the school entrance, clutching her notebooks tightly to her chests, and looking as though she was about to cry. A few kids were holding up a picture that she had drawn, waving it around in the air while taunting her like a bunch of entitled assholes with nothing better to do than to humiliate this poor girl.

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The Eyes Around the Tracks

This happened around 6 months ago, it was my younger brothers birthday, he had just turned 9 (I’m 19 by the way) and he wanted to spend the day at Belton park around an hour from where we live in Lincolnshire UK. Some hours had passed and me and my older brother (who is 24) decided to take a walk a little bit further into the park,

we evventually got to the forest surroundings of the park, quite a while away from our family.

We discovered that there was an abandoned train track leading further into the forest so we decided to follow it. It had been around an hour since we left everyone but we didn’t realise it, so we carried on in not realising how dark it was beginning to get. I felt as if we were being watched from the distance but didn’t think anything of it at that point until I started hearing leafs rustling and twigs snapping from the side of us, I don’t think my brother noticed it so I let it go over my head and carried on following him further along the train tracks.

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The Man Across the River

Here is a little backstory, I’m 15 years old, and I was at my little brothers baseball game.It was at a more isolated area where there were only a few lights, I’ll give a short description of the place, there is a little stream which leads of into a river, one stone bridge that goes over the stream, batting cage type of thing, and there was a forest across from the river, it was a extremely dense forest and the only light I had was my phone, and the moon light, even then It was still hard to make out something.

So here is where it begins. I was the only older kid there and there was just a bunch of little kids running around the bleachers, so of course I was bored, and I just walked around playing on my phone for most of the time. I walked over to the batting cages and I began to climb it, I then get to the top of the cages and just sitting there watching the forest, I heard a branch snap, but I brushed it of not even thinking twice of it, around an hour went by of doing nothing hearing nothing, and seeing nothing.

I decided to go head to the stream just to chuck some pine cones into it and watch them slowly float away, I then turned around to begin heading back, but something moved in my peripheral vision, and I quickly turned to see what it was. I saw him, or it standing there looking straight into my soul, I then reached into my pocket to grab my phone to turn on my flashlight. The silhouette then moved back into the woods, I thought it could just be a late night hiker just wanting to see the game, I brushed it off and continued to do my own thing. I then saw a flash of light coming from the forest I looked towards it to see that there was nothing, I thought it was my mind just playing tricks on me, but I saw it again the same looking flash from the same area, this time I only used my eyes to look, and I saw the flash again, coming from a bush, I then had a thought, I pulled out my phone and pretended to start talking on it, I walked to the edge of the river, and sat there looking slightly up to the river, I stopped talking to see a dim light from the bush, and as I saw that I heard a bunch of rustling in the bushes.

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Werewolf in the Woods

It was a sunny day.. Me and my friend were hanging in the park.. The park was nice and we would spend most of our time there.. We would love to play at that park.. We are a strange group.. We would like to roleplay.. Play action games outside ..

And alot of violence ..

We would get rough sometimes but we would take it..We always were curious why there was a bunker like house in the building.. It was right next to the park in the forest.. It had a metal door and glass windows with metal wires in them..

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