Strange encounter in the Forest

This actually happened this year in January. We went this new year to my grandparent´s house to see some relatives and to visit them because we are barely able to normally. They live in a small village with around 300 other People. Most of them are around my Grandparent´s age. Beside a very old playground, there is a small shrine circa 1 kilometer away from the village. To reach it we always have to walk through a forest. I know it sounds kind of like a cliché but it´s quite dark in there even when it´s still daytime.

We arrived around 4 pm, so it was already quite late and we still had to wait for most of our relatives to arrive. My brother, let´s call him Ryun for now, suggest that we should visit the shrine with the children that are already here so that they don’t get too bored because honestly there isn´t really much to do in my grandparent´s house. We asked around if anyone wants to come with us and in the end, we were six people in total.

Ryun, my girlfriend and I were the oldest so we kept an eye on the children who were walking with us. Ryun walked a bit behind the group and my girlfriend and I were walking ahead. The reason why Ryun walked behind us was that in this area are a lot of stray dogs and we wanted to make sure that the kids were safe because the oldest one was our ten-year-old sister and she is only 4 foot 4. If a stray dog would approach them they wouldn´t be able to defend themselves and we would probably too far away. So to prevent any incidents we always walked like this.

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My Childhood Haunting

I was between the ages of 3 and 8 when most of these incidents occurred. At the time these events took place, I was living in one of those “Mobile Home” parks where the houses can be driven somewhere by a semi, but otherwise are stable. I lived with my parents and my two older brothers. As a bit of background, it might be important to note that as a child I was afraid of nearly everything.

The first memory I have of my early childhood was in our first house when I was about 3. My mother had woken me very early because we were going camping that day, and I was standing in the doorway to my room. Across the hall was the room my brothers shared, with bunk-beds visible from my door. As I was standing there, sleepy eyed, I remember looking across the hall to see the ghostly figure of a skeleton standing in my brothers room.

Every other incident I remember took place in our second home, in the same lot and same neighborhood as the first home. The most notable occurrence of my childhood, would be the dreadful nightmares I experienced every night of my life up until I was 5 years old.

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Ghoul On The Hill

I’ve always expirienced some form of supernatural phenomeon throughout my lifetime. Most aren’t anything to write home about- easily dismissed by devoted skeptics eager to attribute that knock on the door to wind. Or the full bodied visage to spoiled beef.
That said, out of all my expiriences , nothing frightened me nearly as bad as one encounter three years ago…

It was about two-thirty in the morning. My ex and I had a nasty argument, and I had decided to walk off any lingering frustration and anger.

After thirty minutes of walking around aimlessly, I decided to head home, make peace with the ol’ battle axe and get some sleep. However….as I started to walk up the steep hill that lead to the house, something caught my eye near our walk way.

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The Reason I Quit Camping

My story takes place during June of 2010, while I was 23,I used to be attracted to the outdoors but now I can never step into a forest without being reminded of this.Me and a couple of friends went on a camping trip to Freetown state forest in Southeastern Massachusetts,at the time it looked like a good place to camp in, I see now I made a terrible decision.

When we found a spot we set up camp immediately, after everything was set up I felt like someone or something was watching us but I shrugged it off to excitement (I don’t know why but at the time it made scense at the time).

Around 2 in the morning I woke up having to go take a leak so I got my flashing and a pocket knife just in case.I found a tree to go to and at that moment I got the feeling of being watched again so I hurried up and finished doing my business when I heard a branch snap ,and at that moment I sprinted back to my tent.

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Blind Fear

He was everywhere and I couldn’t see to keep a watch. He would show up at random and unexpected places, times and events. I couldn’t seem to get away from him and by the time I was aware of him, it was too late and there was little I could do about it.

I just moved to a new apartment after losing my job, my house and most of my things. I downgraded from my own 3 bedrooms, 2 stories house to a single bedroom shared in an apartment with 3 other people. Each of us had our own bedroom and bathrooms but shared the Livingroom, kitchen and extra room. I was 27 and am a girl. My other 3 roommates were all about 23 and guys. It was all I could find and let me tell you, I was so past college life but they were right in the mist of it.

I used public transportation a lot to get about town and since I wasn’t working for a couple of months after moving in, I went around town a lot to keep busy. It gets boring sitting at home stuck in a single room for hours at a time. But this is when things got unsettling.

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Fanfiction Stalker

Well let me start by saying that Alexa Van Helsing is my Wattpad name and I no longer have the account after this. I am in my late teens and I am soon going to college. I want to be a journalist and an author once I get out of school. Writing fanfiction is a way to help me relieve stress since I have anxiety and it has only gotten worse after this. Now most people believe that fanfiction. net is a place where no one can really harm or stalk you and I am here to tell everyone that, that is a load of BS. This story happened about four months ago and I don’t think I will ever have another fanfiction account after this. Now I never thought I would be on this and telling one of my own stories unless it was creepypasta, so I hope this helps my anxiety though I really don’t know if it does.

So one day I was writing fanfiction on my account, I love writing about creatures and horror though by my screen name you can tell I love that kind of stuff. My favorite thing to write is vampire stories ones where there’s a girl vampire slayer. Where I got my name from was a book I love to read when I was younger it was called the Alex Van Helsing Series and it is by Jason Henderson. This might have been a bad idea since there are people that to bully you out there, but this story has nothing to do with bullying.

Usually I would take request from some people after I wrote a chapter or so in one of my stories. People would ask me to write something for them and we would talk about it over Private message. Now none of these people that messaged me wrote anything threatening towards me. Really the only reason they would ever message me was to talk about what they wanted in the story I was writing for them. The one day out of the blue I got a message from a Vladimir Dracula which made me smile since I thought he was another vampire fan like I am.

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Ghost Robber in my Room

At the time this story took place I was 12. I am a female and I stand at only 4ft and 8in, I’m easily scared knowing I can be taken down without much effort.

One night I was sitting in my living room texting my boyfriend. My nephew and sister had just left and my parents were away for the night. I was all alone and already paranoid. My house is haunted by a few spirits who are really nice unless you say something they don’t like.

So I was used to creaking noises here and there. I heard a clicking noise that made my hair stand up. I turned down the volume on the tv, so as to hear it clearer. When I finally muted it I heard a loud bang come from my bedroom.

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