Strange encounter in the Forest

This actually happened this year in January. We went this new year to my grandparent´s house to see some relatives and to visit them because we are barely able to normally. They live in a small village with around 300 other People. Most of them are around my Grandparent´s age. Beside a very old playground, there is a small shrine circa 1 kilometer away from the village. To reach it we always have to walk through a forest. I know it sounds kind of like a cliché but it´s quite dark in there even when it´s still daytime.

We arrived around 4 pm, so it was already quite late and we still had to wait for most of our relatives to arrive. My brother, let´s call him Ryun for now, suggest that we should visit the shrine with the children that are already here so that they don’t get too bored because honestly there isn´t really much to do in my grandparent´s house. We asked around if anyone wants to come with us and in the end, we were six people in total.

Ryun, my girlfriend and I were the oldest so we kept an eye on the children who were walking with us. Ryun walked a bit behind the group and my girlfriend and I were walking ahead. The reason why Ryun walked behind us was that in this area are a lot of stray dogs and we wanted to make sure that the kids were safe because the oldest one was our ten-year-old sister and she is only 4 foot 4. If a stray dog would approach them they wouldn´t be able to defend themselves and we would probably too far away. So to prevent any incidents we always walked like this.

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Screaming hills

I am a marine stationed in the United States. Me and several friends decided to go camping at a local Indian reservation camp ground for a three days to get away from the base and relax. We drove about 2 hours to this place and were greeted by very friendly native Americans.

One of them walked up to us and right away we noticed the man had an eye patch on his left eye. He asked if we were military and we said yes. He told us that he was in the army during Vietnam. After short conversation with him we proceeded and found a camping spot a little off the side of the road.

Only way to get up the step hill was with 4 wheel drive which we had.

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Black Eyed Lady

My boyfriend and I headed out to a state park near us. It’s far enough out so there is no noise or light pollution. It gets dead silent out there at times. You have to drive a few mile out of town. Its nothing but desert and farmland. Not a tree in sight until you reach the park. Once you pull in you can choose whether to go left to the nearest park side or turn right and drive out some more pass the bison to the furthest part.

This was before the park turned public so there was no curfew. So you could stay out there as long as you wanted without getting bothered by the police. It’s a really cool park, it actually has trees and ponds.

It’s a quick get away from life pretty much. Its so quiet and the privacy is nice.

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