Wendigo up close

This story, believe it or not, will be true to me. This story begins around late April early May of last year and also mid august of last year. I live in northern Pennsylvania, and everywhere you look, there is nothing but woods that surrounds my town. I lived inntge woods my entire life, and I moved out into the town when I was 17. I’m 18 now, so it’s been a year since I stepped into the woods.
Like I said, this happens in late April early May of this year, when the sighting happened. On one if my days off, I decided to go on a hike in my old woods. I didn’t have a car so I had to have one if my friends drive me out. Once I messaged him, we will call him R for short, he came and picked me up. I had my backpack full of water and snacks, since I planned on being out there for a while. Once R dropped me off, it was 330 pm. I told him if I didn’t message him around 6 or 7, to come looking for me. He agreed, and we went on our,way.
The path I took was a pleasant route, since it leads you start to a water reservoir that expands the length of a few miles. The path itself was about a nile and a half itself, but it was a pleasant walk, and I was happy to be back walking in such a familiar area. Due to the fact I grew up living in that area my entire life, I knew almost every inch of that area, and could tell what something was just by hearing it. Birds were chirping, there was a slight breeze, the sun was shining, it was great.
And that’s, when things went silent. I was about half way down the trail, when everything went silent. At first, I thought it was odd, but I figured that I was walking the animals went quite. But I also noticed that the wind stopped as well. “Strange,” I thought. “The forecast said it was gonna be windy all day.” But, I just chalked it up to the terrain. The way the path is, is that there is a hill covered in thick overgrowth and trees on the right side of the path. And on the left side is an almost a complete drop off to the reservoir. So, like I said, I just assumed why the wind stopped was due to my location.
Then that’s when I saw it. I rounded a bend to see this massive buck in the middle of the path. It wasn’t uncommon to see bucks in this area, but not of this size. Just by looking at this buck, I noticed it was facing away from me, so I’m not sure how I managed to get this close to it. If say I was about a good 10 yards away from me. I then noticed it was a 12 point, and my first thought on that is he was lucky he made it this far without someone snagging him. But then things got weird. I then noticed, he had a long tail. And I mean long. Is say almost German shepord long. Then, it turned it’s face towards me. And I swear to god, this things face was just pure skull. There were no skin or fur on its face at all. Just pure bone. It’s eyes were blood red, almost as if someone poured red paint straight into the sockets.
And that’s when, it smiled. Yes, smiled. It grinned from end to end, and I saw that it had massive teeth that looked like it could easily bring down a fully grown bear. Then, by the grace of god or by pure luck, it walked away. It walked up the hill, through the undergrowth. And o swear, I heard it laughing. It was
near silent, but it sounded like a mix of a heavy weez and a soft laugh. I then took the opportunity to run back to wear i entered. I ran so fast, I thought I was gonna die from lack of oxygen.
Once I got to where I started, I finally caught my breath. I then looked behind me, and I swear, that thing was standing in the woods. And I mean standing, like on two legs like a human. It then got back on all fours, and with the same sinister smile, slowly walked into the woods. I wanted to collapse, but I knew if I stayed any longer, I would risk that thing coming after me. I then started the journey home, since I had to walk back since R had to work on his dad’s truck after he dropped me off. I then looked at my watch, and it was 5 o’clock. At least I got something out of it. But on my way home, all I could think of is what I saw. And only one word came to mind. And that one word, was wendigo.
Once I got home, I let R that I was home. I then messaged my other friend, who we’ll call K, about what happened. We are both big into stuff like the wendigo and skin walker stuff, so he believed me when u told him my story. He asked if I planned on going back. I said not anytime soon, but when I do, I’m bringing one of my machetes.
Fast forward to mid august, and I finally decided to go back. But this time, I had K, his cousin who we will call J, with me as well. They had there own knifes, since none of us were allowed tocarry handguns. So, we get to the location, and we start yo hike. There was a slight frost on the ground, do we could hear anything that was coming. But we made the bad idea of going at night, but lucky for us K had some extra flashlights in the truck.
As we got closer to the spot, we kept hearing noises like footsteps coming from behind us. And when we turned to see what it was, nothing was there. Then, once we looked behind us, a white owl flew past over the top of our heads and landed in the tress overhead. I knew there were owls in this area, but I always thought there just brown and barn owls. If never in my life until that point saw a white owl.
We then decided to go back, since we took the owl as a sign to leave. And once we got closer to the truck, I decided to pull a risky maneuver. There was a small field to our left that people used as a play to sight in their guns for hunting season. It was a typical field with high grass and next to a tree line. I looked at K and J and told them my plan. They tried desperately to change my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. So, I told the group to just keep an eye on my flashlight. If it stays normal, I’m fine. If it goes into strobe mode, run for the truck. So, I went into the field, and I felt my friends eyes watching me.
It was going good, until I heard a twig snap. I thought it was the guys following me, and as I turned to confront them, I wish I would have kept walking. There, in the tree line, were those red eyes and evil smile. I couldnt believe what happened next. I swear, i heard this thing say in almost a deep guteral voice, “Please, don’t be afraid. I just want to help.” I then walked as fast as I could, not to alarm the others, looking back to make sure it wasn’t following me. Everytime i looked back, it was still standing there, just silently laughing like it did before. I met up with my friends, and they new something was wrong. They told me my face was pale and my eyes were dialated so badly they thought I was gonna collapse. I told them we have to leave, before it’s to late.
As we got into the truck, I made one finally look into the field, and saw nothing. I still go up there time and time again to visit family, but I refuse to ever step foot, in that part of the woods again.

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