The Scream that saved

I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now. I go to college in Oklahoma City and learned an aquaintece of mine needed a place to stay. Apparently the shabby place he was living in had been condemned and I knew his parents had died in a car crash a few months prior. He was a really nice guy and I cleared it with my parents, who I still lived with. He really appreciated the offer but initially declined. We were both 22 at the time, but he said he had a little sister who lived with him who was 10 years younger. I again cleared it with my parents and then the guy was happy to move in.

I want to make it clear that I don’t mean this in any sort of incestuous way, but the guy was completely devoted to his sister. He even joked about it, saying that whatever she wanted she got, but she was far from spoiled and never really asked for anything. She always offered to help out around the house and if she asked for something it was stuff like for one of us to drive her and her friends to the mall or to watch cartoons on my friends laptop.

One night we had a family dinner, which ended in a game of cards, which the little sister didn’t know how to play, so she asked to watch cartoons in the living room and fell asleep on the couch. As soon as my friend noticed he popped up and covered her with a blanket. We all chuckled at his attendance to her. Now, at this point he and I had had quite a few beers and were a bit tipsy. He laughed and nodded as he sat back down and then said something that startled us.

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Second Hand Encounter

I’ve always considered myself very sensitive to the paranormal. When I discovered about the Ouija Board, I was 10 and very interested in how it works. I bought it from a toy store and googled how to use it. Then I discovered all the demonic encounters people have had using the ouija board. When I read them, I decided to never use it or open it. The ouija board would sit in the downstairs pantry for years collecting dust, never to be used.

Years later I was a senior in high school. I was the typical depressed teenager, trying to make everyone happy while thinking the usual “nobody will ever know how much I’m hurting inside” nonsense. I had this one friend, whom I’ll call Rachel. Rachel and I have had a rocky one sided friendship. My ex boyfriend (who I really could see myself with in the future at the time) left me for her. And the two of them began dating for two years. My parents would always tell me she was a very flaky friend, but she was the only one who would actually pay attention in school so I kept brushing my parents comments aside and we would hang out at lot during the weekend.

One time my parents were out and Rachel was spending the night. We got hungry and looked for something to eat. As we opened the pantry she discovered the old ouija board. Her eyes instantly lit up and told me “let’s use it!” I instantly told her no, telling her how dangerous ouija boards could be. Rachel has always been a skeptic, despite me telling her my various paranormal encounters as a child.

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Strange Awakening

Hi, My name is Mat, I’m from Canada, I’m a pretty normal guy who hasn’t really had many strange or paranormal experiences, I listen to this channels stories quite often and figured I’d share one of my own.

This happened to me about 3 years ago when I was 20 sometime in the summer. I was still living with my family at the time , and my bedroom was on the top floor and has 3 windows which is important to know for the event that takes place later on. I had a pretty normal day with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. However, when I went to bed that night something extremely strange would take place that would leave me terrified and confused.

I fell asleep after the rest of my family was already in bed and asleep, it was about 12 am Midnight. Everything was fine until I remember feeling tugging on all my limbs, and cold clammy hands wrapped around my ankles and around my wrists as well, they were kind of gently tugging me, I was still half asleep at this point and in a reflex fashion pulled my arms and legs back towards my body and groaned. That is when I heard a voice, the voice was calm, monotone and almost… Like inside my head if that makes sense, it was crystal clear.

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