15 Hours In Gettysburg

15 Hours In Gettysburg
By: Josh
When I was very little, I had become fascinated with the supernatural. It all began with a little book called “Ghosts Of Gettysburg” which sparked my love for investigating the unknown. Since then; I’ve had quite a lot of experiences relating to the supernatural. From up in my dads hotel, to being stalked by from what I believe is to be a Wendigo, and of course Savannah which I have only a limited few things to talk of there, but the stuff I had witnessed would be engraved in the back of my mind for years to come. The place where I always leave with a new experience would have to be the town of Gettysburg. I’ve always left that town with something new that I had been through, supernatural wise of course. But it wouldn’t be until last week when I had over a dozen things happen to me in one night. Proving that there is an other side.
So here’s what happened; it began as the sun set over the battlefield and we drove through the darkening town of Gettysburg and we decided to check in to our hotel immediately so we can get right into investigating. We get into the hotel we check in, and the first thing that I began to notice was not only that the hotel was eerily quiet but the rightmost elevator would always be opened every time I enter the hotel, but it would be empty. However I’ll get back to that later it just felt, off putting. So after we get checked in we drive back over to the town now engulfed into a black sky, and the only things keeping it lit was the Christmas decorations strung all throughout the town, which put a very cheery vibe to it. I suggested to my mom and sister that we should dine at a place called, The Dobbin House one of the very first Underground Railroad sites in the north.
When I went there three years prior I had an interesting experience in the bathroom. So I was there with my father, a guy who would laugh at me if I told him what I saw, but when I went to the bathroom I swear it out of the corner of my eye I saw a union soldier standing in the corner, musket and all. I turn to look but as quickly as I saw it, it was gone. But there did seem to be a chill crawling down my spine as I used the restroom, like a “someone is watching me” kind of chill. So I made my way out as quickly as possible. Fast forward to the present I’m ready to see this soldier again and prepared for anything that comes my way. We make reservations at the Dobbin house and go down towards “Gettysburg Ghost Tours” which is the best ghost tour business in the town and I highly recommend you check it out to get in on the scoop of the haunted locations to visit. We make a reservation there for the nine o’clock war hospitals tour which we’ll get to that shortly, but I want to discuss what happened first back at the Dobbin House.
We all three go back inside as we wait for our table to be ready and I decide to go into the gift shop to see if I can find some ghostly souvenirs to bring back to my friends. As I walk in my mom and sis follow, from then I begin to feel nauseous as I move further back into the gift shop. A dizzy, heavy feeling that almost pulled me to the ground. But you could just write it off as me being silly or I’m just getting sick. But my mom and sister had the same feeling and I didn’t even mention it to them that I felt weird. My sister had to have the worst experience since she looked as though if she had the flu. She was pale and extremely clammy and I had to escort her outside. After we had calmed down about the whole affair we went back inside to wait for our table. So while we were in the waiting there was another dining hall that was closed for the night but the public could walk through and see the beautiful historic restaurant that sat in the lobby next to the gift shop. But what threw me into a paranormal frenzy was when one of the lights were being tampered with on the ceiling. At first you could say oh yeah probably just a dying lightbulb, but when the light goes off for five minutes and then when you look back and it’s on again I think you’d raise an eyebrow too. But that’s about all I experienced in The Dobbin House; sadly the union soldier didn’t want to say hello to me again which made me just a teeny bit upset but the rest of the night made up for it. The dinner was fascinating and my sister attempted a candle seance, but didn’t work out. We toured the rest of the house after supper then made our way uptown to the museum of haunted artifacts where our tour would begin.
I see the many houses I had been to when I was little, including some familiar looking restaurants where I remember feeling odd at each of them. We arrive at the museum where we were greeted by our tour guide Ginger. I had her on my previous trip and she was awesome. Just so you know she’s probably the best tour guide in all of Gettysburg, not only has she had her own experiences, she embraces it all. I mean I would too if I was living in possibly the most haunted town in the country. So our tour begins and we pass by the house I stayed in the previous trip which is right next to one of the most haunted houses in the town, kind of funny to me. So here we are we go on the tour, she explains some of the things that you’ll notice in Gettysburg. It was a full moon too so she said that night would be very active. Taking pictures you’ll see orbs and if taking a picture of a cannon you’ll see either a shadow figure or smoke enveloped around the cannon or maybe even both. She also said that the town has a police code for ghost activity called, the “1863” which I get a kick out of every time it’s told. I even talked to Ginger about the incident I had experienced at the Dobbin House and she told me that I’ll happen a lot there.
So we took pictures enjoyed the tour, won’t give off too many spoilers if you’re interested but the last thing that stood out to me was that she said and I’m paraphrasing, “Around the battlefield at night you’ll see a lot of apparitions, footsteps, and even the sound of guns going off. But the smell will stick out the most. Usually it’s sulfur from the gunpowder, pure tobacco not cigarettes but rich strong tobacco, and campfires.” Now the campfire could be easily ruled out, I’d debunk too if she didn’t say that no fires are permitted to be lit on or near the battlefield due to it being a national park reserve. So make sure you keep those things in mind as my experience progresses over the next few hours. We leave town and begin to go to the battlefield after tour, when my mom noticed she had caught something over by the old jail house, which was a pure blue orb. I said it might have been a light interference until I noticed the pictures that she took had the thing moving across the screen. It wasn’t the only picture either, we had several others with more blue orbs around the area but then again they could’ve just been light interference which I had told her.
But of course she was very proud of what she had caught. The one that got me was the face peering through a window in the hospital house right across from the jail house which got me in legitimate chills. So now we’re headed to the battlefield it’s ten and the place is already close to the public but some areas permit driving through. As we get closer and closer to the battlefield, the fog gets continuously heavier, until we’re blinded by it when we arrive at the battlefield, scaring my mother so much because she feared to get into accident, but I convince her to drop me off at the edge of the road so I can walk down for five minutes. She agreed and there I was, in the dark, barely able to see with the heavy fog. I walk down the little hill slowly towards my mom who sat at the end of the road that came to a turn out back onto the Main Street that’ll take you back into town. I began to whistle some civil war shanty’s as I marched down, and stopped when a tree branch snapped. I turn sharply to the origin of the noise, but was then distracted by indistinct chatter coming from within the trees. Sure it could’ve been teenagers like me, only pranking a tourist but you’d probably hear laughing or phone flashlights fluttering in the dark as they ran away in gleeful delight that they’re messing with an idiot like myself. But this was whispering in a much more serious fashion, it was two men for sure with heavy southern accents. But it was only for like five seconds when it was cut off by some rustling coming from the woods.
However I stayed my ground asking for them to show themselves and if they wanted to communicate now would be the perfect opportunity. After awhile I didn’t want to keep my mom waiting so I went back to her and got in the car. We drove up the same stretch of road again so we could turn around, something happened though that peaked are interests. The heavy fog was gone, the area was completely clear from it. Goosebumps raised up on my arms. Chills creeping in every bone in my body. We drove through the battlefield as the thick fog began to envelope again.
Mom getting freaked out again came to the conclusion to leave the battlefield. We parked in another turn out and she turned off the car and rolled down the windows so I can hear for anything on the battlefield. Just a minute goes by when I hear a loud pop in the distance. A gun pop. It only got crazier from there, movement was then heard followed by from what I believe to be a shadow person, Which may have been a statue. But it wasn’t there the next morning. My mom was getting tired and wanted to go back to the hotel, so far I was already satisfied with what I went through, But as we drove back towards the hotel, I began to smell; Sulfur. I was in shock. I immediately rolled down my window and began to smell campfires. Then the real kicker was tobacco, pure tobacco. I swear on my life that this was true. I smelt all three scents in a matter of seconds. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.
We arrived back at the hotel and I had to tell my friends. I facetime my friend and his sister. Who are stunned to hear about all the things I experienced. I told them that I’d be going back to the battlefield, at dawn, and they requested for me to record it. In which I did. But what creeped me out was when I entered the elevator. It was left opened again. The doors closed behind me and I pressed the button to my floor. I lost connection in seconds and my battery dies. My phone battery was at fifty percent one minute prior and now it’s at two.
I go in the room and charge my phone and went to get some sleep so we can go at dawn. But there was this ever present feeling that I was being watched. Maybe because Gettysburg got me all up into a freaked out panic or something followed us or something was already here. We were a mile out from the battlefield, but I’m sure there were shootouts in this tiny little area. Maybe with like a small company.
But I didn’t feel alone that night in the room. Things escalated the next morning when the early dawn shined below the horizon. After a tedious wait to go, we finally drive over to Devil’s Den. This is a rock formation on the battlefield that the 1st Texas Company had upheld during one of the three days. I was dropped off and began my filming. Five minutes in is when I see a solid white figure disappear behind a rock. If you actually watch the video, you’ll hear me beating myself up about it, that I didn’t capture on tape.
I made two EVP sessions; one down in Devil’s Den and the other up on Little Round Top, which I hiked all the way up. I didn’t hear anything, but on tape it’s a different story. While hiking up, I started singing the “Bonnie Blue Flag”, a confederate shanty that they sang on the way to battle. Looking back on the film with the two friends I had talked with earlier the previous night, we heard indistinct humming several times on the video. It’s crazy, and we may have even caught something movie across the camera, it was transparent but quick
I reach Little Round Top and began my EVP session in the monument. The monument is like a castle that ascends up a spiraling staircase. It felt sad and heavy there. Every now and then I hear movement on the battlefield, most of the time it was just a squirrel but some sounded like footsteps marching across. You also can’t walk on the battlefield as it the National Park wants it preserved. But as my mother came to collect me. I heard something that was caught on the last video I filmed at the site. I heard it. It was gun shot, very close, very loud, and it sent a chill down my spine.
I was picked up at Little Round Top, and my mother asked me what happened. Before I could explain, my sister comes up to me with her phone. She asked if this picture looked different to me. I took a look and it was a cannon with a cloud of smoke surrounding it. At first I passed it off as just fog but then I swiped back and it was the same picture, only taken a second before with nothing.
Now I’m not trying to convince you in anyway. But this was very strange. Every time I go to Gettysburg, something happens either nonchalantly or extremely blatant. There are so many sightings and experiences that It would be hard not to believe. With reenactments being seen and later being told that there was no reenactment schedule. People being given authentic civil war bullets by a man with a heavy dixie accent, and then just vanishing into thin air. The tour guide for ghost tour losing something and having mysteriously returned in her drawer that she knew that she had already went through three months prior.
I mean I could go all day about my own and other peoples experiences in the bloodiest town in America. You just have to be brave enough to embrace the horrors that once thrived here 155 years ago. The air here is heavy, the sounds echo into the night, the smell of gunpowder and pure chewing tobacco will overwhelm you. It’s a place teeming with all sorts of activity. I just thought I figured, I should share this to the public. So the next time you find yourself in Pennsylvania book a room in the most haunted town in America…

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