The House In The Woods

For starters, My name is John and i’m 20 years old, about 6 foot 5, and about 210 and its mostly muscle. The night this all happened i was with my two friends Mark and Login and Login’s girlfriend sydney. We were hanging out at my house about 2:30 pm just watching tv and funny videos when out of no where Mark said “Hey guys you can’t to visit a abondid house?” i paused my video and took out my ear buds what did you say?” said sydney, mark said “ A few weeks ago i was told a story about a house in the woods that is rumored to be haunted.”

Knowing me i was already in because i am i huge horror fan and always wanted to experience hauntings, “ Shure i’m in where is it” i said. Logan was not a fan of horror or haunted houses because of his experiences as a child he said “ i don’t know if i want to.” “ come on babe lets go!” sydney said “fine i’ll go” logain said. “ good! So where all in, its on a old back road on rice road, and if we keep going down it we stop at the dead end on the road then get out of the car then go into the woods.” “when should he go?” i said “ lets go at sun down to add to the spokey factor” said sydney. We all agreed then left to go pack some water and snacks and some gas for a fire and for the car then we waited for sun down for me to pick them up.

I picked them up then we started off to the house not extaging any words. We hit the dead end then started in the direction of the house then Logain said “ i feel like i being watched” Mark said “ logan your being parodied.” with no other words we reached the house “ heer it is!” said mark as we looked over the abondid rotting house with smashed windows. I walked up to the door and tried the handle then tried to open the door it was jammed.

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