Deer Watching Me

I have posted a few stories before, and this one is one of the most unnerving that has ever happened to me lately. Let me start by saying that i work security on a facility in southern Tennessee. I can not go into much more detail than that because of what is produced. It is nothing radioactive, but it is dangerous. So the place is heavily monitored. Every night for an hour i go patrol the area, and then i report back to the office and normally go home.

Well tonight there were trespassers caught on camera and i was sent out to investigate. By the time i had gotten there they had already left, and i was ordered via radio to check out a nearby area that was normally abandoned. As i drove i saw a fat baby deer alone in the middle of the field next to the road. I did not think much of it because it is common to see deer out there. I made a U-turn and reported back to the office. They told me i had to go back to the area and close an area gate because another person patrolling had forgotten to.

This gate was near the field where i saw the deer before, but was also where the field met the outlying forest. I drove over, got out of my car, and instantly felt eyes on me. I didn’t think much of it since i was at the very edge of camera range. As i closed the gate i looked up. Standing on two feet with one hoof at its side almost like a human arm was that thing that i thought was a deer. It was peeking up from behind the tree, but standing straight up as if it were bipedal.

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