The Jin from Hell

This is a true story my grand parents told me about my great great grand father. Jin are the middle eastern names for demons who lurk in our world, haunting and terrorising the souls who cannot defend themselves from them.

First of all I would like to give you some back ground information about me and my family. I live in Sydney Australia but I originally come from Lebanon in the Middle east, born and raised there. My family has a long history of catholic priests that go back centuries. this story occurs in the south of Lebanon where my family originates. My Great Great grand father was a priest for many years throughout the late 1800’s to the midd 19th century traveling from one village to another to serve at masses and the needs of the local town’s people such as the poor.

he would often stay for many days at a time in each village, so my family being him was a good opportunity to gain quality wisdom and knowledge which was extremely valuable considering the time of history where this occurred. our family always experienced strange supper natural anomalies which were both positive, and at times blood curdalingly frigthning. One year my great, great grand father was traveling a long distance to get from one village too another. It started to get late and his donkey which he was ridding was becoming restless as the blackening darkness began to settle over the land.

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Black Eyed Lady

My boyfriend and I headed out to a state park near us. It’s far enough out so there is no noise or light pollution. It gets dead silent out there at times. You have to drive a few mile out of town. Its nothing but desert and farmland. Not a tree in sight until you reach the park. Once you pull in you can choose whether to go left to the nearest park side or turn right and drive out some more pass the bison to the furthest part.

This was before the park turned public so there was no curfew. So you could stay out there as long as you wanted without getting bothered by the police. It’s a really cool park, it actually has trees and ponds.

It’s a quick get away from life pretty much. Its so quiet and the privacy is nice.

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Shadow Dog

So my story isn’t too long, nor is it terribly excited, but it WAS scary! I can’t remember my exact age, but younger than 13 for sure. We were living in a small apartment, and I shared a room with my younger sister. So all of the lights in the apartment are off, save for the nightlight outside of our bedroom door. My sister had a headboard, and a footboard while I did not.

Our beds were parallel to each other as well. I just so happened to look down at the bottom of my sisters bed. Crawling out from underneath was a massive, black, dog. It appeared to be a Doberman, with pointed ears and glowing yellow eyes. The footboard was maybe about 3 feet high or so, and this thing was only crawling out. It’s was easily past the board. It was like my noticing it made it stop, because I never once saw it move, and it never took its eyes off of me. It was the middle of summer, and I only remember because I hid under my blankets and gods was it hot. I stayed there not daring to look out until I fell asleep.

I’ve told a few friends about this, doubting they’d believe me. I only recently told my mom, who didn’t believe me. For a while I believed it was a hellhound, and I’ve only ever seen the creature once. After hearing another story of someone encountering a shadow dog, I thought maybe that’s what it could be. Either way I really don’t want to see this thing again, whatever it was.