sorry we’re closed

You know in every shops, pub and restaurant they will all have signs hanging from the doors or windows to tell people whether they are open or not. On one side it will say things like ‘sorry we’re closed…’ And on the other side it will read ‘we are open!’ And it’s just a simple door sign but recently it has affected me and my friends. I don’t go out much and I usually stick to playing video games, but I do enjoy going into abandoned buildings and other old sites time has forgotten.

I am not the type of guy that goes to parties and i tend to have a small circle of friends. Me and my three friends Jackson, Clark and jeremy wanted to go into an abandoned closed down office space. The windows were not covered in dirt and the front door had already been broken into. The four of us went inside the abandoned office space and started to run around. Then Jackson noticed something on all the windows in this abandoned office building. On every window there was now a sign which read ‘we’re closed now sorry about that…..’ And they weren’t there before so we didn’t know how they got here. I mean this was a 7-story building so how someone quickly climbed up all on all the office windows and put them all onto the windows was unusual.

Jackson tried to get out of the building and as soon as he stepped outside, Jackson collapsed onto the floor. Then the lightening bolt like lines formed out of nowhere and started stabbing Jackson all over his body and then his body combusted into flames and he was no more. The three of us now were screaming for Jackson and we didn’t dare go outside and we waited inside the abandoned office building.

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