Simple McDonalds joke gone wrong

This happened to me around 6 months ago. I live in an average sized town with two McDonald’s locations in it and almost never go to them, but one night my friend and I were making “Mc” jokes which is were we add “Mc” to the begging of certain words to make each other laugh. It was later at night and we were feeling hungry so we decided to go one of the McDonald’s location. I am 16, a male, and 6 foot 2, and go to the gym regularly so I felt I could handle going to a McDonald’s further out in our town at maybe 2:00 AM. My friend, we’ll call her Ashley for the story- she is 5 feet and 3 inches, usually goes to the gym with me, so we’ve definitely had some creeps but nothing would have come close as to what happened tonight. So we get to the McDonald’s and there’s a sign saying the drive through is broken and we needed to park and order inside. The parking lot appeared to be empty, but maybe a minute after we arrived a rusty old Chevy van pulled into the parking lot and parked into the space right next to my car. I thought it to be odd when the whole parking lot was empty but I brushed it off and Ashely and I entered the McDonald’s. We were able to order quickly and sat down to eat and talk. While we were eating a man walked in who was very disheveled, dirty and older like maybe 50. He walked over to us and sat at the table right behind us, and my back was facing him so I couldn’t see what he was up to but Ashley was able to. The man just sat there apparently staring at Ashley and didn’t order any food at all. The cashier wasn’t even at the counter- he was in the back room I was assuming. Just as we were finishing up and throwing our trash away the man got up and walked over to the door and somewhat blocked it. The light switches to the store were rather close to the door for some reason and the man reached over and turned them all out which made the entire area completely pitch black. I got a huge adrenaline rush and quickly grabbed my phone to use the flashlight feature. When I turned on the flashlight the man was gone- me and Ashley both found this incredibly creepy so we rushed out to my car to head back home. When we exited the store the man was right up against the wall and grabbed Ashley before I could even think and surprisingly he was very strong and was able to over power Ashley. The back doors to the van were open and there was another man in there yelling at the man who had Ashley to hurry over and get her into their van. I ran at the man who had Ashley to break her free but the man in the van ran up to me and kicked my in the balls- I fell back in pain and both men grabbed Ashley as she was screaming at the top of her lungs, and they actually managed to get her in their van. I was trying to get up as a woman approached me out of nowhere asking me if I was okay and I told her I was and was in a hurry- I tired to get to my car but I was still in a lot of pain. She tried to give me a sort of hug but in the process grabbed onto my ass and told me I had a nice ass as I heard the click to a pocket knife open. Apparently this woman was with the men and wasn’t going to let me go after Ashley. Thankfully I was a lot bigger and quicker than the woman so in one swift motion I kicked her in the stomach and hit her arm causing her to fall and drop the knife. I ran to my car and drove in the direction the men went and called 911 on the way. I was incredibly scared and shaken up and felt I was in something straight from a horror movie. Things like this don’t happen in real life right? While I was talking to 911 they were able to identify the van because apparently these men were wanted by the police for rape, and sexual assault. The police were able to track them down based on the info I gave them and I was able to get Ashley back. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt too bad just scrapes, bruises, and really shaken up. After this incident Ashley was never really the same afterwards, she changed a lot, became more kept to herself and stopped going out and to the gym with me. What happened that night was truly horrific and I’m still shocked about everything that happened. I hope I never have to experience something so horrific ever again.

a drak new friend

Around this time I think I was about 7 but I can remember this like it was yesterday. I also had a sister she about 8 years old.

One school night me and my sister couldn’t fall asleep. But this happens most nights. My sister came over to my bed. She ask if i was in the mood to get something to eat. Of course i said yes but sometimes i wish i didn’t.

We tie toe toward that kitchen. The lights were out and i couldn’t see anything. Well not anything. I looked forward to see..see this black thing. It looked unhamun. I looked back at my sister to see her running towards the bed room. But..but i didn’t wanna to move. Well it was more than that. It felt like i couldn’t move.

Then my sister grad me out of the room and in to the bedroom. She lock the door. She looked scared as hell. But sometimes i wish she didn’t grad just to see what it could have been. It looked un real. Trust me its wasn’t a person.

Dollar General Creep

This story happened to me this summer. I’m 12 years old and this happened about three months after my twelfth birthday. I know, not relevant but I just wanted to let you know approximately how old I would’ve been when this happened. I was visiting my dad for the weekend and we were staying at his girlfriend’s house in another town. It was about 8:30 when we decided to run to the Dollar General a few blocks away from Kayla’s (my dad’s girlfriend) house to get some groceries.

My dad piled my sister, my brother, and I into the car and we headed off for the store. When we got there, everything seemed normal. We walked in the store, my siblings had already started complaining about wanting candy and snacks, and we basically just walked around as usual.

After about 15 minutes, I saw some guy, probably in his mid 40’s or early 50’s walking behind us. I didn’t think anything of it, I just assumed he was getting some groceries just like us. The man began talking to himself, but I still brushed it off because hey, we’ve all done it.

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The weird walk Home

Sorry if my English isnt perfect cuz its not my first language. Iam a 25 year old girl from Sweden. After hearing a lot of storys these last few days i remember a thing that happend to me when i was 6 years old. I was a very nice and innocent girl, i did not no very much about that therse a lot of creeps in this World. I was going in a school that was like a 10min walk from my home, i have a lot of siblings that went to the same school as me. So we always had Company to school but i was the youngest one and allways was the fist one to finish and i have allways been walking home by myself. So like any normal day i finish and start the 10min walk home, when i was about 5min from home a man across the Street started call for me “Hi! Im about to move in to a apartment here and i need some help to carry some things up, can you help me?”
I have i gut felling that something was not right even tho i was so young and did not no the stranger danger very well. So i just sad as nice as i can and not to be rude to an adult ” sorry, but i have to walk home driectly after school so i cant help you” and start walking down the trail again. But when i looked across the Street i saw him also walk down in my way but was a bit a hed of me. I just thought he was living down the Street and stop thinking about it. But when i was about to cross a highway i saw him stand under a balcony on the other side. Now i felt my gut feeling again, i started to cross the Street i did not look at him but i felt him staring at me. When i was close enough i heard him say but not as Nice as the first time now more a high deep wisper ” Hey, do you want to take a look at my dick?” I just starting walking faster and when i got around the corner i Think i started to run but dont remember. I did not tell my parentes, i Think i was going to get in truble if i told them. I was lucky, i was alone and be could have done a lot wose if he wanted to. And i dont know what had happend to me if i “helpt him move” ….

Drama Club Creep

This happened in my junior year of high school.

I was taking Drama as my elective for the spring semester and we were all getting ready for the spring play. There was one boy in my class, we’ll call him Aaron. Aaron was new to the school and rumor had it that he had come from a place for troubled kids. As a victim of rumors myself throughout high school, I don’t pay much attention to them. So I tried to get to know him better.

For the first few weeks,  he seemed pretty cool. He always told me how pretty I was and that he was glad he’d taken drama since it gave him a chance to meet me.

Fast forward to a few months before summer break. We’re rehearsing for the play. I was one of the female leads and Aaron was helping paint the backdrops.

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The Tunnel

I was eighteen when I first visited Europe,I was so excited to see everything, the statues, the people,the tunnels but all that changed after this.

I told my parents that I was going exploring since I was thinking about to move here.They said fine and I was on my way but I hesitated a bit but I didn’t know why at the time.I then decided it was nothing and hopped in my car and drove to the farthest abandoned tunnel on my map because it seemed like it would have been fun at the time (how stupid was I?).

It was about a 30m drive there from the place I was staying at. I got out to see a cute yet sketchy man he tells me “hi” and asks if i’m going into that tunnel I then tell him my whole plan. He nods his head ,He tells me good bye and leaves very quickly. I found this odd but I wasn’t going to let that bother me, I finally enter the tunnel I was surprised how dark it was in there I could barely see anything. I start walking down the tunnel but then I here something snap and a voice that said “ouch” I didn’t think much of it until

I remembered that I should be alone because the tunnel is abandoned that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY SHOULD BE IN HERE I turn around to see that handsome stranger again I’m a bit relieve but surprised,I asked what he was doing here,he didn’t answer I asked if he was ok,didn’t answer then I noticed that he was staring at my breast, I scolded him and the slapped him he grabs my arms  and starts kissing my neck.I didn’t know what to do so I bite him and he kind of backed off for a few seconds, I bolted to the exit screaming but I was miles away from the city.

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Craigslist creepy bar owner

I live in Houston & 4 years ago I attracted a creepy pedophile through craigslist. I have autism & had just turned 20 & was posting resumes on craigslist hoping to find some type of honest work. I posted this picture of me to include it in hopes it would increase my chances of finding work. This was months before I got my 1st job at Walmart so I was desperate.

Eventually I got called by a man who sounded a little like Mr Rogers, except creepy & effeminate. He said he saw my resume on craigslist & was willing to give me some ‘work’. He told me he owns a bar & is a lonely man. I thought maybe he was willing to give me a gig at his bar, possibly as a ragtag bouncer or dishwasher. He said he was a gay man & asked if I was okay with being friends with him. He wanted to meet up with me & I was asking what work I would be doing & he said “well none really. I’d pay you to spend some time with me.” He got around to asking if I had a girlfriend or partner & I ranted how Ive been rejected by every girl Ive shown interest in & was a virgin. He acted like he was gonna give me a job & help me out with the ladies.

It got more creepy when he complimented my picture & ranted how ‘nice looking’ I was. Eventually I hung up & didn’t know what to think.

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Pedophile in BigW

Ok, so I live in Australia, so as such, most of you will not have a clue of what BigW is, basically BigW is like a more expensive Target, you can buy clothes, makeup, appliances, that sort of thing. My mother trusted me to wander off by myself to look at what I wanted to at this point I had just recently turned 14, so I had a phone in the event of any emergency,

I had been looking at binders, from my peripheral I noticed slight movement from the end of the aisle, I glared at the tall, lanky, irritated eyed male standing there, staring dead at me, as soon as my eyes met his, he began walking towards me, I moved a step away, innocently thinking that he wanted to look at binders too, he stopped about a foot away from me, he just stared down at me, I was reasonably tall, standing at about 5.7, however, he towered over me, about 6.1, “Can I help you?” I inquired, he shook his head, the sides of his mouth started turning up into a large unsettling teethy grin, showing his disgusting, yellow teeth,

I began walking away, I was stopped by a strong grasp on my upper arm, “You’re coming with me.” he explained bluntly, yanking my arm towards the employee back door, he stopped, his mouth reaching to my ear, “Act happy and I wont hurt you.” he whispered, my body froze, I caught gaze with an employee, I mouthed ‘help’, as we were almost at the back door I heard, “Emily! what are you doing here, where’s mom?” the same employee said, “Oh hey, Molly.”

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By Alexis

My best friend and I work at a Wendy’s near our houses.

I’ve had a few creepy experiences at work but never one like this. I was working fries that night and noticed that out of the corner of my eye a man was watching me. Looking me up and down.

I hid by the drive through area hoping he’d leave soon, but my manager asked me to help the girl at the front register since a bunch of people just came in and she was fairly new. I took a mans order and I began to make his drink. I turned my body away from the man that had been watching me as he obviously peered over the counter to check out my ass. He then said “How you doing (my name), what time do you get off?” When he said my name I felt my heart begin to pound and felt even more uncomfortable than I was already.

I told him that I was only sixteen and that I had a boyfriend, not that I was lying. Another customer standing next to him and the mans friend looked at the guy with disgust since he were trying to pick up a teen at Wendy’s. The creepy guy watched me as he left and said it was a “good thing I told him because he’s a grown ass man.” I made sure my coworkers knew to watch out for him but I hope he never eats at my Wendy’s again.