The Night I met death

When I was 15 years old, my life was in all kinds of turmoil. I won’t bore you with all of the little details, but I guess I could important to note that it was a tumultuous time in my life. My mom and her second husband were in the midst of a divorce, my younger two siblings were taken away by the state, and her and I were bouncing from couch to couch for months, using up all our good faith with family and friends.

Finally, my mother got approved for a mortgage, and she bought a little two bedroom house in town. After spending my entire life out in the sticks, I was a little disappointed at the fact that our closest neighbors went from miles away to meters away, but I was absolutely elated that I would finally have my own room again. I grew even more excited the day we moved in, when I saw it. My room was the entire upstairs! Though it was technically an attic, so the ceiling was a bit short, and I’d have to be careful not to hit my head on the rafters… It was still my teenage dream come true!

When I opened the door to my new room, I was greeted imediatly with a steep staircase leading up about 15 steps. Where the wall of the stairwell met my bedroom floor, there was a railing in place, for safety. I placed my foot on to the first step, and suddenly my excitement was replaced with a sudden urge to run. I complied to this urge, and booked it the whole way up the stairs.

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It followed us home

During October of 2016 in Michigan, Me and my cousin experienced something that we would never forget.

It was a cool October Friday, and I had just gotten out of school, and it was the weekend I was going to my cousins house. When I arrived we immediately went to the basement where we played Xbox.

After a while of playing I decided to get something to eat from upstairs, I returned with a hot pocket and some dill pickle chips, I also noticed my cousin on the phone with a friend of his from school asking if we’d want to hang out. I agreed and we walked from his house about 3 miles to his friends, we stayed there for a couple hours playing Xbox and talking to girls on social media until it got dark, but before we left we decide to amp up the fear factor and tell some scary stories, after all it was the month of Halloween.

As we left, my cousin told me of a spot near his house in the woods that he had seen when he went hunting.

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By anonymous

i’m telling you this story because i don’t knowwho else to tell this all started last month in september ,23,2018 i live in virginia and i’ve seen many things and heard many sounds but nothing will ever prepare for what i saw that day i was in my room playing call of duty before i left out to go hunting with my cousins and my one brother i’ll call them Jake,Brandon,Mike after the game of call of duty we all went to go hunting so i grabbed my ar15 daisy bb gun you know just for squirrels and any other small animals we went out side and drove the atv out to the hunting area but when we arrived it was like walking into a horror movie sight there was at least 4 dead deer completely torn apart and we saw whahad looked like another deer off in the tree line but when i aimed my rifle to it. It stood up on to feet and my cousin Jake asked us all if we saw the same thingso no one said anything and since we had drove 3 and a half miles out to go hunting so we all agreed to pretend that we didn’t see the creature and we all went out in groups me and Jake went one way while Mike and Brandon went another Jake was hoping we killed a deer first but something told me to leave but i didn’t want to cause if we did we would have to go look for Brandon and Mike and i really didn’t want to so we kept going deeper into the woods we walked about a mile then we saw 4 deer the other three was huge and the fourth one looked like it was hurt and looked like it was decaying so Mike aimed his rifle i told him to wait but he fired the gun anyway hoping he hit which he did the other deer had ran from the sound of the rifle so Mike so happy he hit a deer ran to go look at the creature and to finish it off but Mike ran back in fear yelling “it’s not a deer it’s not a deer” so looked to where the deer soppose to have been laying dead but it was getting up on all fours then it rose on its hind legs like it was normally free to then i noticed the to front hoves was hands with sharp long claws it looked at us as if we was going to die it started to walk to us in a slow manner but it was gaining ground fast it stopped a couple feet away from us and looked at me and said wait in my voice”wait” and when that happend me and mike ran for our lives not looking back the creature kept using my voice saying wait”wait wait” then it let out a scream that was blood shredding we got to the atv and we was met by Brandon and Jake we all got in the atv as fast as we could and left we thought just cause we near made it out it was all safe but it wasn’t the thing had been chasing us the whole time but as strange as it was it stopped and watched us leave and we never saw this thing again and i never went hunting again

It wasn’t human

This story took place about a month ago and still haunts me every single night. To start things off, My name is John, I live in a very rural part of Pennsylvania.

The night this took place, me, and my friend, Zach were working on my car in our shop pretty late. Our shop is a medium sized building in the middle of the woods just outside a small city.

The car needed a few new parts to run properly and we didn’t realize how late it was. Things started to get weird around 1am. We had the radio on so its not like we could hear anything plain as day.

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My wife and I were sitting on the couch last night playing some PS4 together, a totally regular game night. Now, as I said in my last encounter, I’m scared of the dark because of what happened, and absolutely ALWAYS lock all of my doors and windows at night. Despite this, while we were playing PS4 I began to hear what seemed to be the meow of an injured cat. It sounded like it was on my driveway. I paused the game and my heart was pounding because any random noises at night now put me on edge. Being an animal lover I could only ignore the meowing for so long. I mean I love animals, what can I say?

My wife also wanted me to go outside and check on the cat. Since I haven’t told her what happened a few months ago (and still refuse to tell her) she doesn’t really understand just how truly terrified I am at night. After about half an hour of constant meowing I decided to at least TRY to man up. So I got off the couch and grabbed my flashlight. I nervously  crept to the window next to the front door and peaked out of the curtains ever so slowly. Without even using the flashlight I could see the silhouette of a cat at the very end of the driveway and breathed a sigh of relief. I started the process of telling myself to man up and began slowly unlocking the front door and stepped outside. At this point, I was kinda proud of myself for even stepping one foot outside at night. I literally hadn’t done that in months, usually I’m in bed well before 11pm as I really don’t want to be awake when all the freaks come out. Honestly, my last encounter changed my entire perspective on reality. How many other  fowl creatures creep around at night without no one ever seeing them? This is the single most terrifying thought to me. What kind of unimaginably terrifying things tap on my windows at night that I’ve never seen or heard? Lord, my heart is thumping right now..


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Don’t Be A Security Guard

To start off, I’d like to give you some background to how I ended up working the night shift of a security job at a pharmacy in the middle of nowhere.

Being fresh out of high school with no immediate plans to go off to college, I decided that getting a job would be worth while. I live in a small town just off of a highway in the mid west United States, and when I say small, I mean small. Our population’s no more than 700. As you can imagine, in such a tiny community there aren’t too many well paying jobs, especially for someone with only a high school diploma.

Luckily for me, my grandfather owned and managed his own 24-7 pharmacy/drug store, and was more than happy to offer me a decent salary job as a security guard. He called me up one morning, and said that he had an “opportunity for some cash.” For reference, I’m a fairly mesomorphic guy, and I stand a little over 6’3″, so I wasn’t at all intimated at the thought of doing a hands on job like that. He continued, telling me that I’d have to work the night shift, from 7 PM to 7 AM. I already was sort of a night owl, so I had no problem being fit into the night time shift. He made the job sound easy enough. I’d receive limited training from the senior security guard, a quiet guy named Don, and all I’d need to do is make rounds around the building, making sure no junkies are trying to steal their prescriptions worth, or anything like that. Eager to start, I agreed, and 3 hours later, I started driving to the building.

The pharmacy was in a real weird location. 13 miles down the highway from my town, there was a little strip mall directly off the road. It consisted of my grandfather’s pharmacy, a now-deserted Burger King, a cheap run down motel, and a gas station. The pharmacy was the largest of the buildings in the strip mall. It was maybe half the size of your average Wal-Mart, and it was at the far end of the lot, closest to the woods bordering the strip mall and the highway.

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The Basement

I am not a stranger to the paranormal. Ever since I was 12, I noticed we were not alone in this world. The story I am sharing is not my first experience, but the scariest so far.

I was 16 at the time. Due to my parents being divorced, I had to go see my father every other weekend. He recently moved to a new rental. This rental has a bit of a story. You see, the previous owner of it just let his animals die. We would always find bones in the yard. Being in the country side gave me very little things to due, and outside was not an option due to the landlords’ business was run on the same lot. Shortly, my right to stay upstairs in the living room was taken away by my step-mother. My room became my sanctuary.

My room was in the basement. As time went on, I started to notice a presence near my room. The presence slowly grew over time, but never bothered me during the day. I would always forget about it as I went to bed, but the presence was stronger when all the lights were off. I slowly became paranoid, so I turned on my favorite rock station to ease my nerves each night. Then the presence became over baring. I made the mistake of looking at my door as I tried to sleep.

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The Shapeshifting Creature

I live in a small town in Ontario, which has it’s ups and downs. I was about 15 years old when this experience took place, and it has scarred me to this day. Living in place like Toronto, the crime isn’t high. I generally feel really safe where I live, not only since it’s a small town, but because this area wasn’t one to be trifled with. Crime wasn’t a biggie in these parts, and so I trusted almost everyone. Almost.

My house is located at the edge of my neighborhood, and across from my house is a small park. Behind that small park is a field, that has many hills, and a forest behind it. It is really quite beautiful, especially during the summer and fall. Canada is generally cold, and sometimes really does live up to it’s stereotype. I’m an outdoorsy kid, when the chance arises. Most of my time is spent playing video games in my room, but I don’t mind walks in the forest out back.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, which turned out mild and cloudy. Having grown up in British Columbia, I absolutely adored the rain and thunderstorms. I took the time to put on a hoodie, and joggers, and went on a walk. I set course for the woods, me being the adventurous type. Keep in mind, the forest was quite dense, but it wasn’t too big. As I approached the edge of the forest, I felt rain drops. It had started to rain, and it sounded as though it was picking up fast. I entered the dense tree line, and made my way through the woods.

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Before I start, all of this is real. Everything in this story happened. I wish it wasn’t real. I wish I was making it up. And by the end of it, you will be wishing it was all a tall tale as well. But it isn’t. So sit down, buckle up, and hold on to your spare underwear because the scariest thing about this story is that it is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated, and everything is told exactly how I remember it.

Now that the experience is finally over, I feel I can finally tell my entire story. I am not entirely human, and as such I am very sensitive to the spiritual realms. I always felt that I was something else because I never really fit in anywhere, able to see and sense things other people couldn’t see or didn’t believe were real. I later found out that I was a being known as a Deamon, which will become important later on.

Either way, I could see and interact with numerous spirits, including a mysterious large grey cat spirit who showed up from time to time. The cat will become important later on in this story.

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White thing

So for context reasons you should probably know that I live in the woods of the southeast United States, (Alabama).

Im also 17 and still in highschool living with my parents. I love it out here but i can’t lie, some things happen that i can’t really explain.

My brother and I each have a large Great Dane, (mine being a bit larger) and every few nights i feel like i hear them going crazy barking deep in the woods, i obviously get worried and always go out to try to call them back to the house but usually they are already just outside the door on the back porch staring tensely and completely rigid into the woods.

At first i just blamed it on the sound of their barking bouncing off objects and sounding further away than they really are.

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