puerto rican chupacabra

one day this all started when i was in class in high school, everyone was talking and saying theres something deep in the woods near the old abandoned cemetery i have to pass on my way home from school and i’ve asked around and no one would speak to me about it saying they were too scared to talk.

so i decided since i was home alone and bored that i was going on a hiking trip to see if the cemetery really did have anything lurking or if it was all a joke to scare me since that’s what my friends like to do. it was getting dark so i just decided to bring a flashlight and my phone so i would know when to start heading home so my parents wouldn’t know i was out after dark.

I was now on the road walking and everything seemed fine and i enjoyed listening to the sound of the crickets and the gravel under my feet as i stepped onto the trail not to far away from home it was at least a mile away. it felt like a good while before i noticed that everything has suddenly become quiet and i felt this eerie feeling that something wasn’t quite right but i kept going regardless wanting to prove to myself there’s nothing that evil so close to home.

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