My horror in the woods

This story I am about to share, is 100% true, and if you do not believe it, you can just think of it as make believe story.

It was over the summer of 2017; (For the sabbat of lithia for my fellow wiccan listeners) my girlfriend and I were on our way to a picnic and outside rituals in the local woods of our small town.

I am a closeted wiccan and the forest are in the more conservative side of town. Once we reached a desirable spot where is wasn’t too hot, we set up our lunch. We began to unpack our food when suddenly there was this threatening energy that began brew around me, but I stupidly discarded it was my anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to contact my over protective mother if she were to reach out to me.

We placed our ready made lunch in the back of her Tacoma, racing edition (this was be vital information for later). For lunch we ate butter garlic pasta, tofu, bread, juice and some chocolate for dessert. My anxiety began to calm once I had something my system.

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