The Scream that saved

I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now. I go to college in Oklahoma City and learned an aquaintece of mine needed a place to stay. Apparently the shabby place he was living in had been condemned and I knew his parents had died in a car crash a few months prior. He was a really nice guy and I cleared it with my parents, who I still lived with. He really appreciated the offer but initially declined. We were both 22 at the time, but he said he had a little sister who lived with him who was 10 years younger. I again cleared it with my parents and then the guy was happy to move in.

I want to make it clear that I don’t mean this in any sort of incestuous way, but the guy was completely devoted to his sister. He even joked about it, saying that whatever she wanted she got, but she was far from spoiled and never really asked for anything. She always offered to help out around the house and if she asked for something it was stuff like for one of us to drive her and her friends to the mall or to watch cartoons on my friends laptop.

One night we had a family dinner, which ended in a game of cards, which the little sister didn’t know how to play, so she asked to watch cartoons in the living room and fell asleep on the couch. As soon as my friend noticed he popped up and covered her with a blanket. We all chuckled at his attendance to her. Now, at this point he and I had had quite a few beers and were a bit tipsy. He laughed and nodded as he sat back down and then said something that startled us.

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fake delivery driver

I’m a 15 year old female, but when this happened I was 13 and living in a small town called Aldinga Beach. I’m from South Australia and stuff like this happened all the time.

I was home alone with my younger sister during the Christmas holidays and it was boiling outside. I had left the front door open so I could cool down the house. My dad had just left for work but before he left he told my sister and I that a package would be arriving at the house around 12.

At 10:30 my sister noticed a white van doing laps around our street and was starting to get scared. I told her it was probably the delivery driver and that he was just lost. A few minutes later the van stopped and a big tall man hopped out. I looked out the front door and saw he was knocking on everyones doors. I quickly closed the front door because at that age I wasn’t allowed to answer it when home alone. After knocking on everyones doors he got back into the van and left.

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What’s Downstairs?

Please note that this is my first story written, so it might not be as good as some others. This story happened in Southern Ontario in Canada. Actually, at the time of writing this, it has only occurred two hours ago. I live in a small suburban home in a pretty nice neighbourhood, nice neighbours, great area.

Over the four years my family lived here, nothing has ever happened here vaguely crime like. The fact that this happened here is…nerve wracking to say the least.

Before I get into the story, I have to explain a couple things about my family and how my house was arranged.

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The Break-In

NOTICE: English is not my primary language, so I apologize for my bad grammar, but I wanted to really share this story as I am still shaken by the encounter.

For this story you will need a little background information: I am 6 foot tall, 16 years old, I live in a very small country named Latvia, probably some of you know it.

I have shared this story only with close friends, other family members and my parents.We live in a two story house, my room is at the second floor. My parents often leave me home alone, because they travel a lot for work things. This happened on valentine’s day 2015, it was a cold winter night and I had just broken up with my girlfriend so I was completely alone to watch the house. It was around 8pm. I was downstairs watching TV shows on netflix when I heard light knocking on my livingrooms window. I got up and looked outside, noone was there.

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A Midnight Break In

My name is Sonny, but my nickname is Seth. I am in my 20s now, but this story takes place when I was 17 years of age. So a little background on my location: My house was in a neighborhood in Ohio. The neighborhood has one long road with houses on either side and with trees behind the house.

My best friend Tom came over for a sleepover. We made plans to have the best sleepover ever on this very night. He brought his dirt bike over because we planned on riding our dirt bikes in the morning. We played video games, computer games, ate pizza, the usual. At about 10:45 PM, we started to hit the hay when we both heard bumps in the walls.

I just thought it was some kind of rat because my house had a history of rats. It kept getting louder and louder. Trying to be funny, I yelled at the “rat” to shut up. It actually shut up. I was surprised. We went to sleep afterwards. I woke up when I noticed a big hand on my mouth.

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