The big foot encounter

So this story all started at my mom’s house in Ohio. I have always believed in Big Foot and. I am 11 and I was spending time with my mom, her boyfriend, and my brother. So my parents are divorced and I live in Lincoln but I finally got to see her and I got to go to her house for a week. So the story first starts at Raccoon Park. My family was their fishing, then our dog Ru, ran off. While I was chasing him, I went to grab him and I did but I saw boats. Me and my mom went first on the boat. It wasn’t fancy or all, it was just one of those boats that the way you move is you pedal. As we were pedaling, we decided to go closer tho the other side of the bank by the forest to see if they had some good fish. As we were pedaling, we heard rustling in the trees.

We weren’t scared at first because we thought that it might just be a person or a raccoon or something. But we narrowed it down to a animal because their were no people up their and the camp sites are far from here. Then something from the tree fell down and we thought it was a squirrel. But then we started to get a little freaked out because when we looked over their, there was no squirrel. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a huge log gets chucked into the water close by us. We scream and pedal as fast as we could back to the boat place. As we were pedaling, I looked back and saw this huge hairy nine foot creature standing their looking right at us. It kinda looked like a tall man who didn’t shave until I noticed that it couldn’t of been when I saw it stand up. Then I think the creature saw me and it darted off into the tree’s.

At first I thought that I was just hallucinating, until once we got their the boat people asked me ” did you see that too?” We left a couple of hours after that. A couple of weeks later when I was video chatting my mom, what she told me was unbelievable to hear. What she told me was that two other guys on the boat went by the same place we did then out of nowhere this huge creature jumps out and attacks them. None of them died but everyone had a glimpse of the creature. After hearing that I wonder if Bigfoot was giving me and my mom a warning to leave or what but what haunts me still to this day is that what would’ve happened if we decided to stay in that spot?

Bigfoot sighting in Maine

This story isn’t mine, its my dad’s.

Every other summer, him and a few of his friends go over to Maine to do some bass fishing. The encounter happened at around 2-3 in the morning.  My dad got out of his tent cause he had to take a piss. As he was draining himself, he heard a snap about 25 feet away. He looked up and saw nothing.

To make sure it wasn’t a predator, he shown his flashlight over in its direction. The woods were really thick so he really didn’t see much. Except for a pair of eyes.

He really couldn’t tell how high up off the ground they were.

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The Silhouette in the Shadows

Several years ago, my dad was in town on a break from work. My brother’s my dad and myself decide to go on a fishing trip up to one of our favorite mountains the Grand Mesa National Forest. On the way up my brothers had made a joke about Bigfoot. Now you can obviously see where this tale is going. It wasn’t uncommon for us to bring up the subject of Bigfoot we always talked about it we’re younger we were all fascinated by it.

Upon the subject being broached, my brother had said something along the lines of like your encounter dad. I was confused and instantly asked what they were talking about. And so our Story begins. For the sake of anonymity I’ll call my dad Wayne for this story.

The town we live in, is the very same that my dad had grown up in. Back when my dad was in his late he and his friends decided to go late night catfishing right off the Colorado River. A fish right off the bank and had a nice fire going drinking beers talking about girls and who knows what else.

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My Sasquatch Encounter

This was god knows how many years ago. All I know is that I was very young. I can’t remember a lot, but I do remember… it.

My friends and I were playing a game in the middle of the woods called “Camouflage”. It’s sort of like Hide and Seek. Basically, The person who is “it” stands in one place. The hiders then hide all around that person, but you have to be able to see the seeker. You then have to try and sneak undetected to a designated safe zone, and the game ends when either everyone either has been caught or makes it to the safe zone.

My strategy for this game is mostly hiding rather than sneaking. I would usually hide a ways away, but to the point that I could still see the seeker. I was a little far, which in turn made the game harder for me to survive, but I never minded. I always liked being alone. But the woods can always be a little nerve wrecking. You never really know what could reside there. It can really make the imagination run wild. Plus you kind of always feel like something is watching you.

It was about 2 o clock, and it was really nice out that day. The forest trees hid some of the sunshine, but only a bit. There was still sunlight finding its way through the trees, and made the area we were at look really scenic and beautiful.

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Early Morning SightingNarrated! 

A night not too long ago, I decided I should sleep on our trampoline outside, inside our house was hot, we didn’t have any AC unit. So I went to sleep outside and there was a nice breeze with a wondrous moonlight. I fell asleep quickly around 10pm, having thought it might be a quiet night until around 3am I was awoke to sounds of like roaring and yelling.

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The Monster of Waldo County Maine

It was 4 months ago, where I was 16, I turned 17 on October 6. But August 4, 2017, i was going out with a friend of mine named Roger. We are both fatherless. His father committed suicide 17 years ago. Roger is 20 now.

And my father died in November of 2016 of an accidental drug overdose. Roger & I were going out in the woods for a night to do our usual night activities.

Like looking for wounded animals or lost people or something like that. It was my second time in these woods and it was Rogers first time in the woods.

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Rock Thrower of Colorado

Several years ago, my dad was in town on a break from work. My brothers, my dad, and myself decided to go on a fishing trip up to one of our favorite mountains, the Grand Mesa National Forest. On the way up, my brothers had made a joke about Bigfoot. You can obviously see where this tale is going… it wasn’t uncommon for us to bring up the subject of Bigfoot as we always talked about it when we were younger. We were all fascinated by the idea.
Upon the subject being broached, my brother had said something along the lines of, “It’s like your encounter dad.” I was confused and instantly asked what they were talking about. And so our story begins. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call my dad Wayne for this story.
The town we live in is the very same town that my dad grew up in. Back when my dad was in his late twenties, he and his friends decided to go late night catfishing right off the Colorado River. They were fishing right off the bank and had a nice fire going – drinking beers, talking about girls, and who knows what else.
About an hour into their late night fishing trip, they heard a very loud splash in the water. Right away one of the first things they had thought was it must be a beaver slapping its tail in the water. Not long after, another loud splash occurred, but closer. “That sounded like a rock” one of them stated.
My dad and his friends walked to the edge of the water. They scanned parts of the bank that was not hidden in foliage. My dad looked into the river itself and on the bank on the opposing side. In the middle of the night, the moonlight cast some light – light enough so that my dad could see movement directly across from them on the other side of the river, even though it was in a dark shadow.
At that instant, a large rock landed just short of my dad’s feet, splashing him and his friend Chuck. Instantly, my dad knew it had come from the other side of the river.
This spot on the Colorado River is well over 400ft wide. I don’t know how many of you have tried to throw a golf ball-sized rock that distance, but it’s not easy. River rocks vary anywhere from 2 inches in diameter to 10 inches – the rocks that were being thrown were at least 10 inches in diameter.
As my dad and his friends were staring across the river, unable to detect the source of the rock thrower, another stone hurled directly at them. The group scattered as it hit the soil in between the four of them.
One of them grabbed the cobblestone, using both hands to do so. Slowly, they all went back to the fire. There was a moment of silence as none of them knew how to react. Finally, Lopez spoke, “Who the hell can throw a rock that big across the river?” An obvious question but one they were all thinking.
A few moments passed and it seemed to stop. They began to loosen up a little bit, enjoying their beer and almost getting to the point of laughing the incident off when out of nowhere, John screamed, “Wayne duck!” My dad dodged to the side as yet another large stone came all the way across and hit their fire pit. That was enough. My dad and his friends withdrew their fishing poles, jumped in the truck, and left.
They had talked a few times trying to figure out what it was that possibly could have been doing that. The verdict finally being that some kids must have come up with some sort of catapult and they were just too well hidden for them to see (though my dad never really accepted that explanation).
Well, you all guessed it, there’s a part 2 to this story as well…. At the end of the summer, a friend of my dad’s that we’ll call Tim, called my dad to see if he wanted to catfish by boat that night. Tim had gotten a new aluminum boat that he kept wanting to fish out of. Reluctantly, my dad accepted since he had turned him down all summer to hang out with him. It wasn’t because of the previous events that took place, those were pretty much in the back of my dad’s mind. Tim, even though he was a friend, got on my dad’s nerves.
It had been a full moon that night so they decided to hit the river with the boat. Most of the night had been pretty uneventful, catching a few fish, having a few laughs, and obviously having a few beers. It was the last leg of their journey when out of nowhere, something hit the boat. It was a very loud “ping” that shook both them awake in a half-dazed state.
“What the f***?” was all Tim could get out before there was a loud splash in front of the boat. They both looked around and it was there that my dad spotted it – on the south side of the river, was a large silhouette. The river’s pace had them just drifting along, but the moon and sky were so clear that my dad could see the figure (big, whoever he was or whatever it was).
The large silhouette bent over and grabbed another rock and hurled it their way, again striking the boat. Enough had been enough! My dad, not sure what to think, reached down and grabbed his 38 revolver. He knelt on one knee, aiming the pistol at the figure. It seemed not to care as it just kept slowly walking staying at the same pace as the boat.
When it bent down again, presumably to grab another rock, my dad fired a shot in the air. The figure rose suddenly, and in the same awkward throwing motion, hurled another rock which flew over the boat, splashing behind it.
My dad, fed up, fired again but this time in front of the shadowy figure, not trying to hit it, but definitely trying to scare it. It didn’t work, and the figure stayed side by side in pace with them.
Tim, being the cowardly type, was freaking out. My dad, also scared, was definitely curious as to just who the hell it was, why they were so big, and why they had been messing with them.
He would not get his answer, though, as the river began to pick up pace and in doing so, the silhouette sped up its walk in an effort to keep up with them. Finally, the figure just stopped and stared at them. My dad never stopped looking at the figure until it was out of sight.
So, you might be thinking, “Okay, your dad told you a Bigfoot story.” There’s a problem with that, though – if you know my dad, you know he is very down-to-earth. If my brothers and I tell him a story about how big a fish we caught was, my dad lowers its size even if he’s wrong. The point being, he under embellishes everything. Even when he told me this story, he made it sound like it was no big deal. The other problem with this is that my dad never made the correlation of the figure being a Bigfoot until about 30 years later when his friend was watching a documentary about Bigfoot with my dad. They saw when people reported the alleged habits of Bigfoots, that a common one is that they throw rocks.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my stories. These happened to my family, obviously not to me, but I thought I would share

Big foot sees me

This was when I was about 12 years old. I’m in my room playing my video games and messing around. We live out near a farm so there is a bunch of wildlife near by.

As I’m playing my game I can hear something outside but I thought nothing of it. It seems to be big but I thought it was a cow being we’re we lived.

So I move the blinds and faintly see something about 50 feet away. It was almost dark so I couldn’t tell what it was but it was really y’all.

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The Dusk Man

This story happened to me a little over 2 years ago. First let me give you some background. Almost every summer me and my Grandparents go to Missouri to visit my Aunt and Uncle, who live in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Also the nearest neighbor is a little over 6-5 miles away. Now that you know some background let me continue the story.

It was the Summer of 2015 and the time came to visit family in Nebraska and Missouri. I was 13 then and loved to see my family, even if it meant spending 2 days in a car. Nebraska was nice and I had a lot of fun with my cousins, so after staying there a few days we left for Missouri. Now for those of you who don’t know, Missouri is very very hot in the Summer, so picture a 13 year old with a book and a dead phone, with the AC of a Van trying to keep the car cool and on top of that having not eaten lunch yet. It wasn’t very pleasant.

Finally we pulled up in the driveway of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. They had a 2-story house if you count the basement. I loved their house because I love going out into the woods and just plan having fun, so their house was perfect. Me and my Grandparents started unloading the car while my Aunt and Uncle came out of the house to see us. They gave me a big hug and told me that I would be sleeping in the Living Room on an Air-Matrass.

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Something In The Woods

When my father passed away I inherited the family farm in the more rural area of Ohio just as he did when my grandfather passed. I was raised on this farm and spent the better parts of my childhood on this farm. Since I was child, and even still today, I feel uneasy being all alone on the property.

I consider myself an outdoorsman, growing up on a farm with my father we were either working on the daily chores or we would be hunting, fishing, and camping.

I eventually left home and traded home life for military life in the United States Army. That being said I was trained and drilled to pay attention to details. Details that most would overlook and consider “unimportant”.

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