The government took my daughters freedom and rights away

Were all chasing for more freedom and I mean every living being big or small is constantly looking for more escape. Humanity has come along way with the amount of freedom and rights people have these days. A couple of years ago slavery was the norm and people were divided between the colour of skin. Gender equality has come a long way as well because it wasn’t so long ago that women were restricted to being only mothers as their only destination. So many famous male and female activists who have fought for freedom for all human beings and are now being looked up as heroes.

Anything can be a prison though and it could be a job you hate or stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere and the need to be free from those types of prisons are just as hard as any yearning for escape. Something always comes to trap us and the fight to escape entrapments however big or small is the curse for being alive. People addicted to drugs used drugs to help them escape from one hellish life style only to be reliant on the drug to the point that it becomes their new prison. They traded in one prison for another. The way addicts escape addiction is through rehab and use of other medicines as their ticket to freedom.

This need to get out of things is in all of us but with so many rights protecting us and the freedom to love, travel and choose whatever takes our fancy I must ask the question as to why people are so miserable? With everything that we have and the privileges our era has given us unlike in past eras we should be one happy group of people living in the best of times. Depression is so high and suicide is so common and anyone from the past would think we are all living in the golden times of human civilization. I always use to think that maybe we are all ungrateful but then opinions always change don’t they like the seasons through out the year.

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My Theater Experience

Ok, let me start this by saying that I have been interested in the paranormal and researched it since I was young (around 6 or 7 years-old) because I have seen spirits since I was at least 3 years-old if not younger (I can only remember back till around 3).
I have become a paranormal investigator and researcher and I am now 34 years-old.

Back when I was 17 I began working at my first job which was working at a movie theater and I started in the concession stand but as I worked there for a year and a half almost and I was I suppose a good employee I was promoted through several positions there, a total of six jobs.

Second came usher, the doorman which for those who don’t know is the person that stood at the door tearing tickets and giving directions to the theater that the patrons movie was going to be playing in. Next came box office cashier selling the tickets and then projectionist and finally maintenance.

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Alien Brain Scan?

So, let me give a slight backstory before the real story. I, at the time, was a 13 year old male living in almost the middle of nowhere. My house was relatively the only building on this street, with many fields around.

Now to the story. It was late at night and I was heading to bed. I usually left my old T.V. on as a sort of “night light” because I was a little afraid of the dark.

There was also a light shining from under my door from the next room over. Right after I closed my eyes, I reopened them to see nothing but darkness; no T.V. light, no light under my door and no moon light from my window.

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Be careful of what stories you make up

I almost forgot about these experiences until a couple days ago.

Okay so, I’m going to start off with some backstory. I’m a 15 year old girl with a 13 year old younger sister and a 11 year old younger brother. And because I’m the oldest I like to tease them and make they’re lives a living hell. But it’s my way of showing  them love. Anyway this story has to do with the way I’ve teased my sister.

When we were younger, we used to say that my sister looked like Squidward from Spongebob. And she was get mad. And of course I had to make it even worse by coming up with this huge and messed up story. I her that we found her in a dumpster in a park, but she wasn’t human. She was an alien and could shape shift into a human. This story has stuck with her ever sense and she hates it.

But a couple years ago I would have these dreams. And of course they were about aliens. In this one dream it was dark out and me and my siblings were playing outside. Until we see this large UFO coming our way. We all sprint into the house. But i stay looking out the widow and i see that the UFO had landed on the roof. It was quite big and had different colored lights. I was creeped out was making my way to tell my mom. As i was passing through my room, my room has a roof window so i was pretty scared, I hear the window being open and a very high pitched vice go “Ahaaa” like as if it was amused. I ran to my mom as fast as I could. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to my room. But from the crack of my door, I can already see the 4 foot, gray alien going through my stuff. I was terrified but was making my way to kick the alien, i suppose, but i wake up.

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Terrifying Hunt

Let me just start off by saying that I am not a substance abuser, no drugs or excessive drinking for me. On the night this happened, I did not have any alcohol at all.

I can’t say if this really happened, or if I just hallucinated or dreamed it all. But here goes.

The out doors have always called to me. I love hiking, camping, weekend off-grid survival training, and hunting. During the latter, I had an experience that I truly hope to forget.

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Strange Awakening

Hi, My name is Mat, I’m from Canada, I’m a pretty normal guy who hasn’t really had many strange or paranormal experiences, I listen to this channels stories quite often and figured I’d share one of my own.

This happened to me about 3 years ago when I was 20 sometime in the summer. I was still living with my family at the time , and my bedroom was on the top floor and has 3 windows which is important to know for the event that takes place later on. I had a pretty normal day with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. However, when I went to bed that night something extremely strange would take place that would leave me terrified and confused.

I fell asleep after the rest of my family was already in bed and asleep, it was about 12 am Midnight. Everything was fine until I remember feeling tugging on all my limbs, and cold clammy hands wrapped around my ankles and around my wrists as well, they were kind of gently tugging me, I was still half asleep at this point and in a reflex fashion pulled my arms and legs back towards my body and groaned. That is when I heard a voice, the voice was calm, monotone and almost… Like inside my head if that makes sense, it was crystal clear.

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The Horror in the Woods

I slowly moved and stared watching the sun rise on a quiet morning; it was just after my sophomore year in college. I decide to call up a few friends and see if they wanted to spend a week fishing up north in my uncle’s cabin.

A few hours later, my friends Steve, Colin, and Drew arrived at my house and brought along their gear. We order some pizza before heading out when Steve asks “Nick, where is this cabin at?” “About an hour from here why you ask” Steve continued with “Well haven’t you heard what happened a few years ago”. He proceeded to tell a story where a group of high school kids went there and none of them have returned and the only thing left was some tattered clothes. “That’s some bullshit man” Drew said as he finished chugging his beer and tossed a crumpled paper plate at him. “Enough guys let’s pack up and get ready to go” I said, and then we loaded the car and once everyone was ready we headed off to the cabin.
We drove through the forest as the sun slowly began to set, giving an eerie feeling throughout the drive. Drew and Colin were asleep in the back while I drove and Steve sat staring through the passenger window when he quickly said “Nick stop the car!” I pulled over and these made the two in the back wake up and groan, when Steve climbed out of the car.

Before I could ask Steve why I should stop; I was hit with the stench of death and found quite a gruesome sight. We saw a deer, or what was left of one, with a large hole that punched through its skull. The side of the deer was torn open and the insides were chewed on and what appeared to be massive claw marks around the deer neck. “Dude what the fuck could have done this?” Drew said as he quickly turned away, resisting the urge to throw up, though Colin was already vomiting. “I don’t know but whatever it is, it could be nearby” I said. “We should keep going” the guys looked at me, looked at the carcass, and quickly loaded back into the car.

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