Swedens Most haunted house

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My name is Marcus and i’m from Gothenburg, Sweden and my girlfriend Alexandra as well. This about our jorney and paranormal experince in one of Swedens most haunted house.

A little backround about the house, it’s called Frammegården and it was built under the 1700 and has been open for the public since the 1960.

It has a really dark story behind itself, in the 1600 the legend says it was a place where they sacrificed witches during the witchunt at that time.

Thats not all the house last owner is said to be haunting the house, there’s also 2 children who was locked up in the attic by their father and died by hunger. It’s also said to have been a dead house where people came to await their death.

Many people come to visit this place since you can rent it and to have their own experiences, like me and my girlfirend so here is ours.

We started around 7 in the morning, its about a 4 hour drive to this place and we wanted to make it to the check in time. On the way up it felt like some kind of unexplainable power knew we where coming up, this because the GPS started to failure and we we drove completely wrong because of that. The closer we got to this place, the more foggy and rainy it got and our hearts beat like crazy.

We finally arrived just fine and had a look around in the house before we unpacked our stuff. If there is a way to describe the terrible cold in there it has to be like a butchers freezer or something, because it was horrible cold in the house. As I mentioned earlier it’s old but all the furniture and items are fuly intact and this will play a role during the night activity later.

So Alexandra started to work to get a fire going in the fireplace and I started to make some lunch. Thats when we heard it! Like a chair or something pretty big being dragged across the floor upstairs. She asked me if I heard that and I answered ”yes I did.” We took some pictures and Alexandra filmed a few times as well, so after we had lunch I went up to the attic part to check, while she was downstairs filming. I downloaded an nightvision app because it was so dark in there and what I got the next was so freakkin terryfing. As soon as my camera focused a small light came a cross for a second and thats when I heard it, a noise like some sort of humming noise. It gave me chills and I said to myself ”okay i’m getting out of here now”. I came down and asked my girlfirend if she’d heard it to and yes she did. She thought it was me because I kind of do sounds like that when i’m trying to scare her sometimes but this time it wasnt me. I have to remind you that this was in the middle of the day and still light outside. After that it got pretty calm for a while and we just chilled and took some pictures outside and enjoyed ourselfs.

After we had dinner that evening we started to look for a movie to watch and thats when another sound caught our attention a huge bump from upstairs. We just looked at each other and said that we weren’t gonna go up there now cuse this was scary. After a while I asked if we should make some popcorn for the movie so I went out do make some but before I did I thought why not scare my girl a little bit. So I started to impersinate Pennywhise from IT, Alexandra didn’t like that so I stopped myself pretty fast and took up the bag of popcorn and started shaking it. Then from nowhere I hear Alexandra yell ”Stop that! you are not funny”! So I ask what!? Ididnt do anything. Thats when she tells me she heard someone whisper or hissing in her ear and she hadn’t even noticed that I shoke that popcorn bag becasue of the sound she had heard.

So we got back to the movie again after that and we almost slepts trough it so I suggested that we actually where going to sleep.

Let’s just say none of us sleep that night, I heard both steps and mysterious voices going on upstairs. Alexandra said she heard the rocking chair above start going back and forth and she saw a ball of light in the kitchen. Witch I think I saw as well at one point, she also and didn’t dare to turn around to the deadhouse room at her side. She said it felt like someone was watching and that is was angry. We both just laid there to scared to move and to make any noise. I wanted to check out what time it was during the night but I didnt dare to look. Alexandra told me later she’d watch the time and it was around 03:12 but she cant remember if she did. I just laid there and almost prayed that it would be light outside because this was horrifying.

As soon as the alarm went of we both just jumped out of bed and we said that we didnt wanted to stay for to long either. So we ate breakfast, took a few more pictures and left.
I think we both can agree we never felt like it was all bad energy in there as long as we didn’t bother the spirits. We both believed that if we had tried to do more things upstaris it would have angered them. Cuse this was enough to make us both freak out, so my warning to all of you who are planning to visit a haunted house or so, please respect the entities and don’t act foolish because trust me that will break all hell loose. Stay safe! Thank you for sharing our story!

Best Marcus!

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