Surviving a concentration camp

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I would like to remain anyonymous, I have changed names to protect people as well.

This is very hard for me to type out. I ask that you please keep this story as whole as possible, These were told to me by the 2 people who survived these nightmares.

and before I begin excuse my English, I am only ok at best at it, And recently switched to using a touch screen so I apologize for any typos.

my great Grand father we will call Mihael and his brother we will call Joshua, were just grandpa and uncle to me, most people in Roma communities have children young so it is not uncommon to know your great or great greats. Both if them were kind but old world and strict people, I knew they were in a war as a small child, But I did nit know much other than they did not like to talk about it.

when I was a teenager I found out why… the things Human beings do to each other is so much worse than what a creature does, creatures and animals are usually hungry, using brutal tactics yes, but tend to want a meal… people dont do this to eat or out of instinct, they have a choice and they chose to do these things, let that sink in as you hear these stories that my Grand father and uncle told me.

So I will share with you what I told my friend when he asked “what kind of horror stories do you know?” This was my response:

“the true kind.
About what human beings do to each other.
My grandfather and his brother my uncle.
They both left to help the UK and USA military. Having lived back and fourth for work they had gained citizenship in this time of emergency.

To put it in the least graphic versions these are among the things they saw in a Mixed civilian and POW concentration camp north of treblinka 2.
They put in Jews,Roma, their allies who refused to help them, and POWs in this camp.
But everyone was treated like lesser life forms.

Things they saw, and were made to watch or else should they look away… Nazis blew their brains out AFTER holding them at gun point to watch. Were things no one should ever have to see.
They would bring in a woman and a baby or small child,frail clearly from this camp or another… usually mothers with babies. And they would tie them together with rope strung through chunks of bloody raw meat, they smeared them in the left over blood or splashed, or dumped it on them after binding them together so tightly there was no chance to run… they would first taunt them with leashed dogs letting them get closer, and closer. The women would always try comforting the children, even knowing there was no hope.. this was after they let their dogs go 3 to up to ten days without eating or give water and just a few scraps on the longer waits.this was to keep them more vicious and starved but have a taste for food… they had several sets of dogs so this happened often..

Then they made everyone even the ones who turned away, which after or if enough guards they were dragged to the front,were held at gun point and executed after forced to watch…watch them be eaten alive, screaming, crying,begging as 5 or 6 sometimes more hungry dogs ate them alive. My uncle remembered in one case this frail but still very beautiful Roma woman, [he describes her later] with what appeared to be a new born baby possibly hers. He thought they may change their minds as they did something else but still horrible to attractive women. She was confused and only spoke a roma dialect, my uncle said nothing as the woman realized what was to happen. He said only he and a few others understood her, she was begging them to spare her baby, to please let him live because his father was a Nazi.

They couldn’t understand her, and it would not have mattered if they could. It turned out some younger nazi had been keeping her as a slave type concubine,so unwilling, but just trying to survive like everyone else… but He was killed in battle, so this was her fate, this woman looked to the people hoping somehow someone could help. When the hope faded seeing my grandfather who stepped forward out of the way as some nazis led dogs and some men who were trying to sneak away or hide or maybe turned their back. He said they learned early on that they had to endure to get back to their wives and children alive. The woman saw the look in the peoples eyes once the blood was poured over her and she was tied up her one hand that had been cradling her babys head,realizing what would happen, she quickly snapped her newborn babies neck to spare him the horrible fate she was about to endure.

The scream my grandfather and uncle heard was something that cannot ve replicated in even horror movies, it was as if she died the moment she was forced to spare her baby this fate, the type of despair and sadness in it brought everyone who wasnt a nazi at least to tears as she started to cry this desperate cry weeping the very despair she was feeling, the scream and sobs were indescribable other than you heard the pain, despair abd also her will to live leave… the dogs were set loose finally but that desperate cry it took so long to stop. the dogs ripped the babys corpse apart as others ripped her apart, her once beautiful face reduced to a sobbing skeletal horror, her muscles still opening and closing her lipless mouth, my uncle had described her in a way she probably looked a lot like Emmanuelle Vaugier or Noomi rapace, described as a extremely beautiful woman, with angular features.
even as frail as she had become, she was very pretty with an angular featured face and high and prominent cheek bones,long features though sunken and pale from starvation trauma etc ,and very long dark hair in large waves or curls , still a rare rose among people …before the attack leaving her as The skeletal mess she was reduced to …shivering as the dogs kept ripping her flesh off, her suffering was long, too long he said, one if the dogs as if even it couod sense this finally thrashed after biting her throat. She went still…

Those who tried to turn away were shot immediately after, then they chose some men to haul the bodies to a mass grave which could be smelled even in the camp, but getting closer it made the eyes water abd nose run, many pulled their shirts over their face to try to make it.
They were forbidden to pray for the dead even, so often in a almost silent whisper those seeing the grave usually to deposit a body in a rush, would say kne or two words inaudible like “Rest well” to keep from being next dumped in.

• This happened regularly, they swapped out dogs to keep this horrific event something they would never be able to unsee, they made everyone wake up and watch this, POWs, Jews and gypsys in there for no reason other than being born.. my grandfather and uncle were unlucky enough to be born Roma Gypsy, and Jewish raised in most of the spirituality and be taken prisoner when they tried helping the various militaries.

They made them watch brutal executions of Jews and Gypsys, some of these were being forced to watch them murder children infront of their relatives, usually parents or older siblings forced to watch for some sick amusement,then they would kill the parents or siblings..and again, anyone who looked away or tried to help was killed.
One incident happened where the father or uncle refused to watch them kill his 6 year old nephew. They pulked his lashes abd sliced off part or most of his eye lids, and didn’t kill him immediately, instead making him carry the childs body to a mass grave then shot him execution style after he obviously saw all the bodies inside, they let him sob a few moments as if savoring his suffering before of course. And silently the others followed orders putting bodies in, usually told to hurry forced to toss or shove them in. So many stayed alive only with hope they would see their families again.

They would beat old people to death just to make them watch because they could, just because they were old abd couldnt remotely put up a fight. Because in any culture doing such things to elderly is low, and the tactics nazis used were fear tactics, intimidation, beating people in the streets for all to see etc, this did not change in camps, it got worse. Some nazis were nazis out of fear, if you did not join hitler, they would put your family and you in the camps too, I understand this, however some were as sick as hitler who literally had syphilis which makes you insane and was on meth, also not good behavior.[Not even kidding look it up if you dont believe me]

They forced the camp to take dead jews ,Roma, and german and Austrian they killed in any number if horrifying ways to the mass graves, just open, bodies tossed in like they were nothing. Because lingering would get you shot and kicked in too.
At night they would sometimes think thry heard whispers or sobs and see silhouettes of figures moving just outside of the light, but they thought nothing of it, they said nothing in case they were people who got away, soldiers there to liberate them. They felt there was no reason to disturb anything else human or otherwise, as to the people in this camp,nothing deserved to be put through what they were being constantly put through.
It was frightening, it seemed to make even the nazis uneasy,but everyone was so used to living in fear and being in survival mode, they simply survived and as soldiers my grandfather and uncle would save bits of food to give to especially children and women, they never stopped being soldiers even when they themselves were starving they still put aside portions of food to give to others to increase their chances of survival. These things will be important later in the story.

They would offer them to shoot a person they were going to kill in one of many ways, from what you have heard so far, I am sure you can guess what fates this would spare them from, give them a gun with only 1 bullet.they knew they would not shoot a single Nazi when they had the choice to spare the person these terrible fates. if they refused they made them watch whatever way they chose to kill them painfully and slowly…. most people started pulling the trigger to save them from things like being eaten alive…gang raped to death.. and i mean to death, they did so much damage to these women they were dying or dead by the end usually it wasnot 1 individual in one area at a time, so the damage was extensive to the point of death or hemorrhage to death.
The rule about only having sexual relations with German or Austrian was not taken seriously, they intentionally chose attractive women to brutalize, the screams for help, shouts of pain and terror and sobs, echoed through the camp…only laughed at by these horrible men , these Nazi soldiers… as others were made to watch a person die in one of the worst ways possible and not be able to do anything.

So if you had 1 bullet and knew their fate I suppose youd save them from that too… no one should have to make that decision… But they also knew they could not keep watching this, this was slowly implemented due to the sick sadistic Nazis having to be entertained with cruelty.
This was a game to them, like cards or chess, they werent people…

They were really sick people they often forced them to make choices like this.

The worst thing happened before they were liberated by russians… by Stalins men who he was treating like shit… the russians said to them some things they saw were so much worse because it was cruelty for the sake of cruelty, unlike stalin who was almost the same type of piece of shit, but at least his motive was being in and staying in and gaining more power. Its not much better, but the fact the russian soldiers were so disgusted says the clear difference that tiny detail makes.

The worst thing was forcing them to tear down and bury treblinka 2.. if you do not know what that is and why its so disgusting, just Google treblinka 2, they nicknamed it Hitler’s killing machine.

The thing is they gathered the most able bodied people very early, and only told them they were needed to do a job and would be back, then the usual demands and threats they had become used to. They were told to tear it down, move the bodies etc. In the day time ut had a very unnerving ambiance, but as it turned to night, there seemed to be whispers or sobs just coming from all around… only few survived that place, no living were left… so the voices were from nothing they coukd not see anyone in the trees in the day time but they could hear soft sobs abd whispers…

both my grandfather and my uncle had said they kept working but noticed the later it got the soldiers acted as if in a rush to head away before sunset… in their words, the prisoners and captives had nothing to fear from the sounds or some saw shimmery eyes or claimed but no form was seen as it was too dark. The nervous soldiers finally loaded them like sardines back in these big trucks, only room to stand up. Peeking out a jewish man had stated something is after the nazi, everyone tried peeking as they drove off, but the moment they were abke to peek the men were getting in the truck after a shot, one man holding his nevk.. later it was revealed the soldier said an animal attacked but he shot it after it scratched him and it fled.
There were not many details, but any who saw said a large animal dark and fast. That it happened in almost too much time to see.

They forced them to destroy and bury Treblinka 2, i think they said mamy prisoners were brought in go tear it down in a rush they judt gave them tooks to destroy sloppily, while still killing any who stopped…this was a thing that was rushed when it was reported russians,Usa and UK troops were winning and closing in… like some last punch in the face, to hide it, to hide a million or more lost names and lives..
It was a camp that in a short span killed a million or so people in a short time and was only 1 camp. thats roughly if we count hitlers killing at 13m ..1/13th of Jews, Gypsys, sinti people and people who refused to be nazis.
The soldiers did not leave the fence alone at the last of the camps operation, they seemed ujneasy… the prisoners did not feel threatened by the sobbing, they knew the men who did evil were the only ones who needed to fear…

They are still discovering that camp, they only found its location confirmed not too long ago. Maybe in 2009?

Russian soldiers liberated them shortly before the war ended. My grandfather and uncle were both about 6’4″ tall

One weighed 96 lbs one weighed 94 lbs
At that height they more should weigh 170lbs to be thin but fit. So they were really lucky to live through this despite the trauma they lived with.

The Russians under Stalinism were so disgusted by what they saw, some cried at least silently,, others had stated Stalin is terrible, But Hitler is worse, because stalin was horrible as a political or economic move though just as brutal… the difference these soldiers said, that made them so disgusted was, that this was cruelty for the sake of cruelty. Not a power play or use of Abusive psychological warfare to gain something as stalin did. I agree with them, that while not much better, at least the gulag was if you did crime talked ill of Stalinism etc, still awful, but the monsterous things Nazis who werent there by fear or force, the ones who enjoyed and believed the bullshit taught to them….. what human beings are capable of doing to other human beings is so much worse than a monster or animal looking for a meal to hunt…

They had given the people they liberated water and blankets, many taking a layer off to warm the people.. they were offered guns as the russians had taken the Nazis prisoner, to get payback if they wanted to. I think my uncle was given this choice, i apologize to their souls if I mixed any of them up. He held the weapon and was stood by the nazi who was the sick person leading the game of tying women and children together with ropes with raw meat on it, He said the Russian soldiers wanted them to fairly have a chance to fight back for all they had done…He started at the Nazi who did so many monsterous things a long time, glared at him while tearing up abd stepped forward. Many men now had the chance for revenge. Not a single Roma, Jew, POW, Or “Jew sympathizers” as they called the allies who would not help Nazis…No one pulled the trigger, No one did anything, but msny saud a similar thing as my uncle did to the Nazis who did such monsterous behavior, put the people through any hell they could….He told them he was a soldier, but took no pleasure in any life he ever had to take,that they fed their captives, watered, and keot them clothed and warm.. that he wasnt like them, and never would be. He said he then looked at the man who starved up the dogs for the horrible “entertainment ” the sick man regularly forced all to watch.. and told him, there was enough pain and suffering seen in these camps to last the rest of humanities existence, That He did not deserve death. He handed the russian the weapon back and shook his head, death was too good for these men was his thought.
They had noted the sons and whispers seemed to be gone.
And having been liberated late abd by russians they knew to give that camp only a bit if rations due to how they had been starving, thankfully the russians had got there before they could clean out that camp, it was a mixed camp of POWs and prisoners around 125 or so miles north of treblinka 2 and had a POW camp I believe an hour north of it also. I dont want to give out much info thats too specific, but you shoukd find it on Google. It is a heavy thing to carry, to be forced to tear down “Hitlers Killing Machine.”… to my uncle this was the worst thing they could ask of them, to hide and bury this place where so many names,faces and lives vanished, they j u st wanted it broken down into nothing, like the mass graves,it didnt matter that people died there or that they threw them away like trash they were told to hide it, and to them those lives buried there were nothing, not a care to them if they erased them from the world like so many others.
And telling of it and no one checking until decades later i am sure was frustrating.

Other things he saw shifted around through a few camps…were cannibalism, one particular case they had to hide in an alley as a tall thin man took the clothes off a woman who had fallen dead in the streets late one night.he put them on for warmth, but knowing everyone was starving they did not say anything or move or judge the man as they swore he had a small blade and watched to see if he had left…that was when they realized, He was so hungry he was eating a body…this was something that happened at a few places they were stuffed into. But in the street in warsaw at around 3 or 4 am just eating a body like a roast. He was taller than they were possibly about 6’8” and very thin, his face was sunken he looked almost a corpse himself he was so sickly.
Though they heard him say thanks to the deceased and pray almost sobbing in sorrow before he left. As they finally came out a few minutes later they saw it was a chunk of meat from her thigh, it was cut neatly and as respectful as cannibalism can be, they took a cloth that had been wrapped on her head and covered her face respectively before they passed by her.

another bad thing they saw several times any women very attractive and under 40 taken to what one can assume was a brothel. As people always saud there was a joy division that was destroyed but no one would listen, if you get a chance read the book house of dolls and then read how the author was treated, they told him he had no proof he had a sister… most records, faces, names, everything but ash and teeth were erased from so many people… I was sad to find this out when my grandfather told me that there was a book though fictionalized some was based on a real thing that people ignored for survival… after all in a brothel the favorites may get to live that was everyones thinking.

Saving bits of rations to give to people, mainly pregnant women and children was something they did often as they werent given much, but if they got it they shared. There was good too, they protected the people who helped others all of the people did.

No one should ever forget something so evil and horrible.
They existed and this is all I have to give you, and to honor was all my grandfather had to give me and honor them., because people erased them all traces of them, their names faces abd even bones have been lost to history.
But they existed and they died, and this is their memorial in a way..

Our numbers started with “Z” a black triangle with a z also marked a “gypsy.”

I had asked and asked about ww2, Knowing I had ancestors I will never meet, whose faces, names and whole lives were erased…

In fact they erased most people, and no one knows what happened to them.. my grandfather told me this and my uncles stories as he sadly passed away when i was about 10, but my constant asking finally got me the stories they didnt care to recall… he told me that the reason he told me these was so that I can know they all existed and what happened to them. So that I could then tell people so that people will know they existed, this happened to them…and while I cant give names just tell horrors that the people were ended by… please never forget they existed, the Nazis erased everything about them all but these stories people tell us…

I the type of autism I have was of part german or Austrian blood as well Hans Asperger, Without him people would just think I was creepy and weird by assuming my brains wiring is formed properly.
So if you ARE german, please NEVER let ignorant people who think germany means Nazis, never let the past make you feel guilt.
My friend feels bad but no one was born then,its no ones fault alive now.

I am not sure if there is anyway to edit this to be able to monetize it without destroying it, But I trust you with it, these may just be words but they have weight, and I am only sorry if they are heavier than they look.
It was really difficult to type this out i apologize for the delay, and for the likely tons of typos.

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