Summer break horror

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I live in a city here in philippines one summer break my parents decided to send me to my grandparents house which is in a province.

Their house was not that big and fancy it was like an ordinary house that you can see in provinces.

One day i was enjoying myself swimming in a river, the river was too far from my grandparents so me and my uncle were the only people in that river, hours passed and my uncle wants to go back home k was still enjoying in the river so i told him that i know the way back to the house, my uncle left and i was the only one their alone.

Once i dried my self and change clothes i then proceed to go back home, after few minutes of walking i got dark and i opened my flashlight while walking.

When i got in the part where many big trees can be found i suddenly heard a very loud laugh from the sky it gave me chills so i continued walking after few minutes i then again heard the laugh but this time with a massive sound of flapping wings, when i looked in a tree behind me…

there i saw a creature that i will always be in my mind, what i saw was a woman with half body and had a very large wings in her back, i tried to run as fast as i could luckily this creature didn’t follow me and headed to a different direction.

Once i got to my grandparents house i cried in tears and my uncle thwn asked me what happened i told him that a lady with half body had apeared in the forest, my grandparents were shock and they told me some details about this creature and that this creature was called “manananggal” they told me that this creature always apeare at night when it senses a pregnant woman.

Until this day i could never forget this experience.

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