Strange noises at night in my apartment

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I’m a 26 years old guy living in Houston, Texas. My story happened a few years

back when I was in my early 20s and living in Clinton Township, Michigan. My family

still lives there thou.

Anyway, I used to share a one bedroom apartment with my older sister back then, she got
the bedroom and I made myself a corner in the living room space with a air mattress. We

both went to college and had part time jobs. My apartment complex is pretty huge and

face a very busy highway. There is a horse ranch next to the complex where they held

horseback riding courses in the summer. Our suite comprises 6 apartments with 2 on

each floor and ours is at the top floor, closest to the attic. The attic has a small window

facing the driveway. Me and my sister were the longest lease there, the guy next door

moved out a couple months after we moved in ( I don’t know if he experienced the same

phenomenon as me thou). The first years are pretty uneventful beside I found out there

was a fox living on the horse ranch next to my complex. I am an animal fanatic also a sci-fi

and fantasy geek. I spend most of my free time watching animal clips on YouTube,

reading cryptozology stories, reseaching the wiccans and other lost ancient religions,

looking up infomation about witches, ghosts, monsters and gods ,etc. Yes, I’ve been

obsessed with mythical subjects for my whole life, I’ve even been having lucid dreams and

astral projection happening to me when I was a kid, no kidding at all. I believe that even

foxes are considered trickster spirits in many religions but they’re not bad spirits, some

even consider them as guardian gods. Well, so I was pretty exicited about my discovery and wished to see him

again (I’m pretty sure it was a male). One night, I drove home from work and I saw the

fox, standing on a hilltop at the edge of my apartment complex, near the barn of the horse
ranch and a smal stream and gathering at the bottom of the hill are around 5 racoons. It

looks like they’re…communicating. I made a joke to myself that “Wow, the fox are the

CEO and he is holding a meeting with his employees tonight”. Anyway, I believe that

animals have their own soul and belief., all living creatures on earth have those. Maybe it

was actually a meeting or they are gathering to celebrate their own gods or religions. It

was a very amazing sight to me. I also think that the fox was the guardian god of the ranch

and he was protecting them. Before I saw the fox coming to the ranch, it was a very run

down place and I barely saw people or even horses on ranch but after a year the fox was

living there, business is pick up and more and more kids start to show up for courses,

parties and even large events of the communities. It must be the fox who did something

magical and mysterious to the ranch and helped the owners get back to their feet.

However, the third winter I was living at the apartment, I saw the fox tried to cross the

highway to the more open-space area on the other side of the highway and that was the

last time I’ve ever seen him again. I just hope he didn’t get hit by a car or something, just

moved his home to a new area and I barely saw the racoons anymore either and that was

it started to happen. I realized there were skunks on our premise and in Indian folklore of

some tribes, skunks are the sign of evil spirits, monsters and darkness. My sister got

herself a new boyfriend and spent almost entire her time over at his house so the

apartment then completely belonged to me. And I started to hear strange noises up to the

attic at night, usually aroung 12am to 2am, in the middle of the night. They sounded like

someone or something scratching and knocking on the wall, sometimes howling. I noticed

to the employees at the main office of the complex. They sent a technician coming over to

check the attic but he came out saying there wasn’t anything up there, no skunks, no

birds, no old furnitures being crombled down. “It’s must be the wind blowing through the

hole on the wall up there”, he said. I believed him but the sounds kept on and on, even on

windless hot summer nights and it only happened when I was alone. I had friends over a

couple times and they spent the night, nothing happened. Maybe I was reading too much

fantasy and creepy stuffs or the stress at work and school finally got to me? I don’t know,

but after a while, I got used to it and slept through the night. FYI, I was not afraid of the

sounds or any evil spirits lurking around on the attic, I was more terrified that my sister

would found out I had my friends over doing junkie things in her bedroom, or the new

family just moved in next door (They’re are not friendly at all and so messy), but more like

annoyed because I was hard to fall asleep and the sounds kept me sleepless some nights.

Yet when I was used to them, I could slept through the night beautifully. But I still

decided to moved out in the fourth year when I found out there was a big crack on one of

the top corners of the wall near my sister’s bedroom, beside they kept raising the lease

rate every year, I couldn’t afford it anymore, and I wasn’t going to waste my money on a

run down apartment like this one either. I’m living with my wife and her parents right

now in a big and more comfortable bedroom and especially no weird sound will keep me

up at night anymore, except some extremely hot nights, too hot that I can’t not fall asleep.

My explanation for the whole experience is: It’s not a scary encouter, more like a spiritual

experience to me. The fox is a guardian, not only of the horse ranch, but also for the

apartment complex as I read that the complex was really running down in quality after I

moved out. Maybe the fox was gone and the skunks moved in and brought in with them a

few evil spirits and negative energy and then there wasn’t any protector anymore. Who

knows? It’s a strange world after all, right Mr. Darkness?

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