Strange Events In Allamuchy Township

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This is a follow-up to my previous story where I had encountered a pale white hominid I couldn’t identify, well now I may have the answer to that.

A month or two ago in dumb horror movie teen fashion I had gotten mad at my Grandparents for something stupid, this time I thought they came too early to pick me up from work. I was furious because I still had a few hours left so I said I didn’t want a ride back. A few hours pass by and I start my several mile walk from work to home in the pitch dark on the main road. Things were good until I heard a strange demented bird-like call from the lake near the Villa. I didn’t see anything but I started to get a bad feeling until I got to the road that branches off and leads right to the Villa.

I kept walking and went over the bridge over the highway and continued further eventually walking downhill passing Shell Gas Station and the local General Store and down to the Allamuchy Elementary School. From there I turned left onto the road I’d usually walk to get home and when I did everything went unnaturally quiet and I started to get a feeling of dread. I turned back and turned left from where I just tried to walk and decided to go the more direct route. A few cars passed me by and I just kept walking, still feeling that really bad fear in my heart that caused me to change direction from my usual route.

I reached where the trees got thick making the road ahead appear blacker than ink.y instincts compelled me to stop and turn back and stay under a road light at the intersection by the School. Before I could turn back my sense of dread amplified ten fold when I saw a thin gaunt blacker than night figure dart between the trees to my right. Although brief I could see it’s hands were clawed and it’s legs were digitigrade and it’s body had some dog-like features but no fail. It bolted around from tree to tree without making a single sound or track whatsoever. I kept my calm despite what danger I was in because I finally knew what I was being stalked by.

I walked back to the road light by the School and messaged Grandma to come get me. My fear had not gone away and within 45 minutes she finally arrived having to finish house work before picking me up and I was relieved. I told her of my encounter and without any doubt I know that the creature I spotted at my house, the odd speech randomly popping up when nobody is around, I know that I had encountered a Yee Naaldlooshii A.K.A. a Skinwalker. I had two Skinwalker encounters and lived to tell my story.

Allamuchy used to belong to Native Americans until other settlers wiped them out and chased them off or made slaves of them. I have no doubt that a Navajo tribe mat have lived on this land many years ago now and I hope that I don’t have to see that thing again. Skinwalker, let’s not meet again.

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