Strange encounter in the Forest

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This actually happened this year in January. We went this new year to my grandparent´s house to see some relatives and to visit them because we are barely able to normally. They live in a small village with around 300 other People. Most of them are around my Grandparent´s age. Beside a very old playground, there is a small shrine circa 1 kilometer away from the village. To reach it we always have to walk through a forest. I know it sounds kind of like a cliché but it´s quite dark in there even when it´s still daytime.

We arrived around 4 pm, so it was already quite late and we still had to wait for most of our relatives to arrive. My brother, let´s call him Ryun for now, suggest that we should visit the shrine with the children that are already here so that they don’t get too bored because honestly there isn´t really much to do in my grandparent´s house. We asked around if anyone wants to come with us and in the end, we were six people in total.

Ryun, my girlfriend and I were the oldest so we kept an eye on the children who were walking with us. Ryun walked a bit behind the group and my girlfriend and I were walking ahead. The reason why Ryun walked behind us was that in this area are a lot of stray dogs and we wanted to make sure that the kids were safe because the oldest one was our ten-year-old sister and she is only 4 foot 4. If a stray dog would approach them they wouldn´t be able to defend themselves and we would probably too far away. So to prevent any incidents we always walked like this.

When we arrived at the shrine we prayed and then sat down on a few stones near the shrine talking to each other while the kids played a few rounds of tag. Around the shrine area was a high wire fence so the visitors weren´t bothered by animals or the earlier mentioned stray dogs so we let them run around. The only way to enter this area were the steps so we didn´t worry too much. We probably spent nearly an hour there before we decided to return home because it was already quite dark and we didn´t want to wander in the forest at night. When we called the children back to us one of our cousins asked if they could take Bada with them.

We were a bit confused until Ryun said that she probably meant an imaginary friend or something like this. Honestly, it was a bit creepy but my girlfriend quickly said that we could visit “Bada” tomorrow again and we really need to leave now because it is getting quite late.
They were okay with this and so we left. This time I was the one walking behind the group. After we walked for a while the cousin from earlier pointed into the woods and said “Bada!”.
We turned our head in the direction not seeing anything. Ryun told us to stop walking and to be silent for a moment. Later he told us that he wanted to hear if there was any kind of growling. Of course, we heard nothing. My girlfriend used her cellphone to light up the area a bit. She didn´t have a flashlight in her phone so she just turned to the brightness of her display up and honestly later I was kind of glad that her phone didn´t have a flashlight.

After a few moments we decided to continue walking but my girlfriend still used her cellphone to light up the area. Suddenly she jumped a bit even though it looked more like she was pulling her shoulders back. We asked her if something was wrong.
She whispered: “Left side.”
We still didn´t know what she meant but frozen when we saw the two glowing points in the distance. We first thought that this might be just some metal reflecting the light but then the points partly disappeared and reappeared so it had to be something moving. I really felt the urge to cry and scream. Normally I´m not easily creeped out but this was even too much for my brother and he is in the military. It was definitely too large for a dog or a raccoon dog. When we heard that leaves were rustling like someone was walking through bushes in our direction all of us agreed that we should pick up the kids and get the heck out of here.

We were running while my brother and I were carrying our cousins and my little sister were holding hands with my girlfriend. When we reached our grandparent´s house, which was directly beside this forest, my sister and our male cousin were crying. Of course, the adults asked us what happened. We told them what happened and they kind of believed us and told us we shouldn´t go there tomorrow. This might could have been a creep or some kind of weirdo. To ease our worries a bit my grandmother said we should place some salt lines in front of the windows and doors. It sounds a bit silly but we felt safer when she did that.
But the worst part is not over yet.

Ryun, my girlfriend and I shared a room but we couldn´t sleep at all so we talked a bit about what happened earlier.
After a while we did became tired and tried to sleep but soon the peaceful silence would be interrupted by something that sounded like claws walking on wood you know the sound when your dog walks over a wooden floor. But this was way slower like on claw at the time. At this point, no one of us was moving and we hoped that it was just a dog or a fox. When it became silent again we waited for a few more minutes and then we moved as far away from the window as possible sleeping on the ground.
It took a while but we finally were falling asleep at some point.
In the morning my father woke us up saying that we shouldn´t have gotten so wild. At first, we didn´t know what he meant until we realized that we were sleeping cuddling together covered with several blankets.

After this the next two nights nothing happened but we didn´t visit the shrine while we were there the rest of the time. When we drove home we asked our father if he believed us that there was something and he said that he did. Of course, our mother who is a rational person told him to shut up because he could startle my sister.
I still believe that whatever was there didn´t have friendly intentions and I still hope that we see “Bada” never again.

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