Strange creature in deming mimbres riverbed

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Ill make this story short…I live in a small town in New Mexico. Nothing really goes on here. I live in a small trailer park thats next to the mimbres riverbed water dosent flow unless theirs a really heavy rain so its nice to take walks through. So i live outside of town.

Iv always been madly inlove with the paranormal and creepy things but on this day i got to experience something first hand.

I was 20 im 23 now so this was a while back. I just got into a arguments with my mother so i decided to go take a walk in the riverbed to cool off . the sun was starting to set so it its was nice. I was probably walking for about 45 minutes i had to stop to catch my breath because im out of shape and walking fast through deep sand took a little bit out of me. I was pretty far from my home already.

But being me i decided go further. It was dark now and i was pretty tired so i decided to turn and head back plus iv been feeling uneasy like i shouldnt be here right now. but then i noticed a horrible smell. I decided to investigate where the smell was coming from.

I turned on the flashlight on my phone so could see where i was going. I fallowed the smell it led out of the riverbed just a few feet. I found i fresh carcass of a horse it was mangled and chewed it was quite normal for there to be wild horses out here especially in the desert “whoa bud what happend to you” i said in a curious tone.

Just then i heard something in the bush just few feet away i was already on edge butt this made me jump then i heard this awful growl mixed with like someone was screaming. I pointed my light in that direction.

What i saw holy shit was it terrifying it looked to be six or seven feet tall. its skin was a brownish color and had some fur on its back and arms and legs. It was somewhat skinny its hand which where covered in blood it had long….SHARP nails.but then I looked up at its head.

Its had a long muzzle which was also covered in blood. Its eyes oh my god they almost looked like dyeing embers. It let out this ear peircing howl once again.

I turned and started bolting through the riverbed my legs feeling like jelly i kept running. I looked back… it was fallowing me. but it looked as if it was purposely going slow like it was messing with was on all fours almost doing this weird jogging thing . i kept running my heart beating throgh my ears.

Finally i found the spot to exit the riverbed but the i did the misteak of turning around it was still there only a few feet i screamed at it almost in tears telling it to go away. This thing let out a deep low chuckle. I closed my eyes and once i opened them it was turning back in the direction we had come from i turned and booked it back to my house.

I nearly fell to the floor onece i got inside my mom was already asleep. I sat down leaning the door in shock of what just happend. I still live in that area and still take walks in the riverbed but never that far or ever an night. and sometimes when im outside at night i still hear those screeching howls far in the distance. So if you come to deming new mexico never walk the mimbres river at night and most certainly not alone.

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Thank you for admitting and being aware of your grammar errors! I know we all make mistakes but it seems so many ppl who post on this platform just ignore the rules, which are clearly and thoroughly listed before one even has the opportunity to write out their story! It’s not only annoying for the rest of us but it ruins the story having to figure out what the ‘author’ is trying to say. I’ve never understood the desire to sound like an idiot and there’s no other way to look at it, they have every opportunity to fix their mistakes. Ya know? So thank you for acknowledging you made and didn’t fix your mistakes. 🍻

This story was really creepy! I can’t wrap my mind around how intelligent the creature was; condescending to your plight. It’s as if the creature felt you were pathetic, not worthy of anything more than a scare and I suppose you should be grateful he couldn’t care less because you wouldn’t be telling the story if he had cared more!
Please be careful and make sure your family and friends know about IT, even if they laugh and don’t believe you, it’s better they know than not. Knowing, even if not believing, could save their lives.
If you see IT again, let us know!! 👻🎃