Story I: A Sixth Sense? Story II: The Silhouette in the Shadows

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A Sixth Sense?

Story I:
My niece, who I will call Mia which is a nic-name of hers is 15. She’s a very shy, sweet girl. Back in 2007 or 8, she was with my sister and her husband in the car driving. They were taking my brother in law to do some paper work or something for his army reserves duties. The facility is located behind one of the local cemeteries.

On this particular day it was a little rainy and gloomy out why my family enjoyed their drive. As a entered through the cemetery to go to their destination would you lied down a hill a quarter mile, Mia had pointed out the window and said, “Mommy why is that boy crying?” My sister could barely hear her turn the radio down for my niece to repeat herself. Mia asked again. My sister looked all around but saw nobody insight.

She asked my niece who she was referring to. You see the speed limit is only 15 mph through here and having their four year old daughter, I would assume my sister’s husband would obey close to that speed.

My sister looked to the backseat, Mia ignoring her. Again she asked her daughter who she was referring to. Mia was staring out the passenger side window. “That boy on the hill. He’s sad…Everybody’s sad. They’re all crying.” My sister followed Lisa’s glare.

Upon seeing the hill my niece was pointing to, my sister began to feel very unnerved. “So many crying, why Mommy?” At this point my brother in law who was driving began to slow down, as my sister tightly squeezed his hand. Obviously he had been listening to the exchange.

At this point they had all but stopped. Up on the hill my niece was fixated, with was…. nothing. There was nobody except for them in the entire cemetery. Mia began to wave out the window muttering, “The Boys waving at me.”

At the time this took place, must remember my niece was only 4 years old. All of us in our family believe she saw what she says even though it contradicts anything I’ve ever believed. I’ve never believed in the Paranormal or I don’t have any religious beliefs whatsoever. But I’m not trying to convince anyone this story believe it or not has a part 2 that takes place present day.

Last year in 2017, my sister begin to notice Mai refused to sleep in her bedroom. You see at this point, my sister and her husband had moved to a bigger house since their family had grown. They now have three daughters. All of Ryan’s life she has lived in a new house. But when my sister bought this one, it was an older house from the eighties but much larger.
Once my sister realized that my niece was sleeping anywhere but her bedroom from the living room to her little sister’s room, she had to confront Miah. Instantly in tears my niece explained how at night there was a dark ominous presence that scared her. Unsure what to say or do my sister assured my niece it was okay.

As it progressed and Mia tried to sleep in her room, this entity got closer and closer. She was unable to tolerate it any further and became terrified of her room.

Unsure what to do, my sister burn sage and tried several other remedies to endless nightmarish ordeal for my poor niece. Whatever happened, it seemed a word but to this day my niece will not sleep in that room with the lights off. Again to reiterate I’m not one that believes in such paranormal things or activities. But I also know my niece is a very honest girl and very shy. Did all of this really happen to her or was it all in her mind? Maybe some things just cannot be answered.

The Silhouette in the Shadows.

Story II:

Several years ago, my dad was in town on a break from work.

My brother’s my dad and myself decide to go on a fishing trip up to one of our favorite mountains the Grand Mesa National Forest. On the way up my brothers had made a joke about Bigfoot. Now you can obviously see where this tale is going. It wasn’t uncommon for us to bring up the subject of Bigfoot we always talked about it we’re younger we were all fascinated by it.

Upon the subject being broached, my brother had said something along the lines of like your encounter dad. I was confused and instantly asked what they were talking about. And so our Story begins. For the sake of anonymity I’ll call my dad Wayne for this story.

The town we live in, is the very same that my dad had grown up in.

Back when my dad was in his late he and his friends decided to go late night catfishing right off the Colorado River. A fish right off the bank and had a nice fire going drinking beers talking about girls and who knows what else.

About an hour into their late night fishing trip, they heard a very loud splash in the water. Right away one of the first things they had thought was it must be a beaver slapping its tail in the water. Not long after another loud splash but closer. “That sounded like a rock.” One of them stated.

My dad his friends walked to the edge of the water. They scanned parts of the bank not hidden in foyage. Dad in particular looked in the river itself and the bank on the opposing side. Though in the middle of night, the moonlight cast some light. Light enough that Dad could see movement directly across from them on the other side of the river though it was in a dark shadow.

At that instant a large rock landed just short of my dad’s feet, splashing him and his friend Chuck. Instantly Dad had known it had come from the other side of the river, astonishingly.

For this spot in the Colorado River is well over 400ft wide. I don’t know how many of you have tried to through a golf ball sized rock that distance, not easy. Try river rocks That Vary anywhere from 2 inch in diameter to 10 this obviously being the latter of the two.

As dad and his friends were staring across unable to detect the source of the rock thrower, another stone hurled directly at them.

The group scattered as it hit the soil in between the four of them.

One of them grabbed the cobblestone, using both hands to do so. Slowly they all went back to the fire. There was a moment of moment of silence as none of them knew how to react. Finally Lopez spoke. “Who the hell can throw a rock that big across the river?” An obvious question but one they were all thinking.

Few moments passed and it seemed to stop. They began I’ll loosen up a little bit enjoying their beer almost getting to the point of laughing the incident off went out of nowhere John screamed. “Wayne duck!” Dad daughter to the side as yet another large Stone came all the way across and hit their fire pit. That was enough. Dad and his friends withdrew their fishing poles jump in the truck and left.

They had talked a few times trying to figure out what it was that possibly could have been doing that. The verdict finally being some kids must have come up with some sort of catapult and they just were too well hidden for them to see, though Dad never really liked that explanation.

Well you all guessed it there’s a part 2 to this story as well….

At the end of the summer, a friend of my dad’s that well call Tim called my dad to see if he wanted to catfish by boat that night.

Tim had gotten a new aluminum boat that he keep wanting to fish out of. Reluctantly my dad accepted since he had turned him down all summer to hang out with him. It wasn’t because of the previous events that took place those were pretty much in the back of my dad’s mind. No Tim even tho a friend got on his nerves.

It had been a full moon that night so they decided to hit the river with the boat.

Most of the night has been pretty uneventful catching a few fish having a few laughs and obviously having a few beers. It was the last leg of their journey when out of nowhere something at the boat. It was a very loud ping that shook both them awake and their half dazed phase.

“What the–” Was all Tim could get out before there was a loud splash in front of the boat. They both looked around and it was there that my dad spotted it. On the south side of the river what’s a large silhouette. The rivers pace had them just drifting along but the moon and sky were so clear my dad could see the figure big whoever he was or what ever it was.

The large silhouette bent over grabbed another rock and hurled it their way again striking the boat. Enough had been enough my dad not sure what to think reached down and grabbed his 38 revolver. He knelt on one knee aiming the pistol at the figure. It seem not to care as a just kept slowly walking staying at the same Pace as the boat.

When it bent down again, presumably to grab another rock, my dad fired a shot in the air. The figure rose suddenly. In the same awkward throwing motion hurled another rock going over the boat splashing behind.

My dad fed up, fired again this time in front of the shadowy figure not trying to hit it but definitely trying to scare it. And didn’t work however how’s the figure stayed side by side with them.

Tell him being the Cowardly type you was was freaking out but my dad also scared was definitely curious is just who the hell that was why they were so big and why they had been fucking with them.

He would not get his answer though as the river began to pick up pace and doing so the silhouette sped up its walk not keep up with them. Finally stopped just staring at them my dad never stop looking at it until it was out of sight.

So you might be thinking okay your dad told you a Bigfoot story. There’s a problem with that. If you know my dad you you know he is very down-to-earth. If me and my brothers tell a story of how big of fish we caught my dad lowers its size even if he’s wrong. the point being he under embellishes everything. even when he told me this story making it sound like it was no big deal.

The other problem with this just being some random story, my dad never made the correlation of a Bigfoot until about 30 years later when his friend was watching a documentary about Bigfoot with my dad and they saw when people reported tm Sasquatch alleged habits, a common one is them rock-throwing.

Anyways I hope You enjoyed my stories these happened to my family obviously not me but I thought I would share.

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