Staying Overnight In a Hospital

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Back story: My grandma has multiple sclerosis, and due to that she can’t move from the shoulders down. She can talk normal and move her head, but thats the extent. She has a fantastic attitude though, and she’s witty and loves to joke. She has 24/7 care, helpers from 8am to 10pm, and she lives with my aunt who cares for her.

One day my mom texts me telling me my grandma is in the hospital with an infection, and they need someone to stay with her overnight. My aunt has 3 kids at home (two of which are 5 & 3) she needs to get ready for school.

My mom at the time had a truck load of personal items because she was moving to a new house my parents recently purchased, so she couldn’t stay. Apparently when my aunt left my grandma in the hospital room with the nurses to take a phone call, they left her and she hadn’t used the restroom yet and no one came back to check on her. So she had to wait in her waste until my aunt came back to the hospital to tell her. Mind you, she can’t move to push a button. So none of us felt that she should be left in the nurses “care”.

I volunteered to help out, because I’ve stayed overnight with my grandmother before at her house if my aunt ever went on vacation, or really just whenever they needed help. She snores like a bear, but It didn’t bother me that much, and it felt good to be able to help out when I could, cause i work so much. I worked in retail, so I worked until 9:30 that evening. I could get from the mall I worked at to the hospital in 15 min, so I knew I could be there before 10pm when her last helper left. The next helper would be there at 8 am, and I worked at 9:30 am. So I figured I could get ready and make it to work on time.

When I arrived, she seemed to be doing better and I said goodnight to her helper. We watched a movie, and throughout the movie the nurses prepped her for bed, finishing the IV and leaving for the rest of the night at 12:30 am. She probably fell asleep about 15-20 min later.

I was texting my fiancé, how uncomfortable my chair was to sleep in. And how I wished I remembered my pillow and blanket. While I was waiting for him to respond, the exhaustion from work all day and accidentally going to the wrong hospital next door before I got to the right hospital, I started dozing off.

Just then I was startled and woke up to some abnormal noises coming from my grandmothers sleeping body. At first, it was like she was sleep talking. But it wasn’t simple words, it’s almost like someone was flipping through channels on a tv. She would be talking normal (though words I couldn’t understand), and sing mid sentence then cut off and begin speaking. It would happed for a couple of seconds and then stop every 30 min to and hour. I decided no one is going to believe me unless I record this…. so I recorded on my phone when I could. I got 2 decent videos…

The first one sounds pretty normal, making strange noises with her mouth. The second one sounds terrifying. She spoke in a creepy deep voice that WAS NOT HERS.

I was terrified to say the least, I just told myself “If she sits up or moves, I’m running out of here.” So I stared at her with my eyes completely wide, trying to see everything in the pitch black hospital room. Luckily for me, she never moved. The next day, I was feeding her breakfast and I asked how she slept. She said fine. So I played back the video I recorded from the night before, and she looked at me with confusion saying, “what the heck was that?” I told her that it was her, and how she scared me. She laughed it off, and said she doesn’t recall it. In all the nights that I’ve taken care of her, she’s never done this. I wonder if anyone can explain this or help me understand better.

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