Stalker in the Woods

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This happened to me only a few months ago. I am was thirteen and my friend had just invited me, and three other friends on a fun fishing trip. His mom picked us up after school and we drove to my friend’s cabin by the lake. The cabin was about an hour drive away and it was about 1/2 miles from the lake. We got there around 4:30 p.m and set up everything. We set up the canoe to go fishing in and got a fire ready to burn. Everything was normal until we had dinner. My friend’s parents brought some burgers to cook on the fire. After that we made smores but I kept hearing noises coming from behind me in the forest. There was a lot of snapping twigs but I shook it off as a deer since where we lived is known for having a great population of deer. Also we were about 3/4 miles from the nearest other living soul. Or at least we thought.

Around 7:00 p.m we were packing up and my friend announced he needed to go to the bathroom. So we walked 1/2 miles to the cabin but there is an intersection leading to the road where the car was parked and one of my friends said they were going to wait back at the car. So while she walked to the car the four of us and my friend’s parent walked to the cabin. When we got there my friend and his mom went inside while the rest of us hung around outside on a tire swing. We each took turns at being pushed. I was sitting on a log staring off into space when I heard more snapping twigs. I looked behind my friend on the tire swing and into the forest about 50 feet away from the swing. It was getting very dark and since it was almost winter it was very hard to see. I could barely make the outline of a figure as I stared into the forest. Then the figure saw me and ran away and I could hear the snapping twigs too.

I told my friends what I saw and they shook it off as nothing. Then when my other friend and his mom came out of the cabin I told him too and he said I have been watching too many Darkness Prevails videos which I had been watching a lot lately. I thought I was just paranoid too so I decided to prove that it was nothing and I walked into the forest where the figure was. There were twigs snapped where I saw the figure and I could tell by the way the leaves were crushed that someone had been just there. So I walked back and told my friend that I still think I saw someone and he still shook it off. So we started walking back to the car and then we heard the most blood curling scream I had ever heard. It was our friend who decided to walk back to the car. We ran back up the trail to the car and found our friend sitting in the car with the doors all locked but the windows were rolled down just enough for a man wearing a black suit was able to fit his hand through. The man was wearing all black. He was taller than one of my friends who was very tall for his age so I assumed the man was about 6 foot 5. In his hand he was holding something and I couldn’t make out what it was but it was scaring my friend a lot. When the man saw us he jumped into a red pick up truck that wasn’t there when we arrived and he drove off. We asked our friend what had happened and she said she was sitting there listening to music on her I Phone and suddenly a man’s hand was trying to fit through the wind trying to grab her and she screamed. Then the man pulled out a knife and that was when my friends, one of his parents, and I came and the man left. She said she would have could have been killed if we hadn’t come. Also it turned out that one of my friend’s parents was holding a shotgun that we were shooting targets with earlier. That was why the man didn’t try to fight us. The parents called the police and we all got in the car and sped home. When we were dropped off she told my parents what happened and luckily no one was injured. I still hang out with all four of those friends and the next time we were gonna go to the cabin was in December but one of my friends got too scared so we just had a sleepover instead. I haven’t told anyone about this encounter with this man, but I hope that I never see him again.


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dang. that’s really freaky