Stalked by a Creepy Man

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This may not be the scariest story, but it sure as hell is creepy.

So my name is MK, I’m 14 and this is a story of why I’ll never wander the woods while I’m drunk again.

So it was 3 days after Halloween, I was at a party I always go to every year. I was with my friend Lluvia and we were on the huge golf course right outside their house. This was more out in the country side of Texas so there were a lot more woods. I was a little tipsy, Lluvia as well. We were running away from her sisters friends when we entered the dark woods about 2 miles away from the party. We walked around for a bit, drink cheap beer and laughing about stuff I can’t remember. I was just about to ask Lluvia something when I heard a small snap. I turned around quickly, thinking it was one of the many deer in the forest. Nothing was there. I shrugged it off, too drunk to realize that it was probably not a deer because they would’ve run off super quickly if they saw me. It was about 20 minutes later when we found a small clearing, the grass was super soft and wasn’t scratchy against our skin. We laid down to just rest for awhile, not really wanting to return to the party just yet. I was texting one of my friends, Nikoli, when I saw a small shadow run through the tree in front of us. Startled, I immediately stood up, trying to see who it was when the thing just suddenly disappeared. Like it was a ghost or something. Lluvia pulled me back to the ground, complaining about how I was always moving around as I shook off what I just saw. It was probably just the beer, I thought to myself.

I told Nikoli about what I saw and he texted me saying that I was drunk and I should go home or go back to the party. Of course, I ignored him, I don’t really listen to orders well from people. Minutes later, I was driving off to sleep when I saw it. It was a shadow slowly moving closer to us.

I bolted upright, eyes wide as I saw a man approaching us. I couldn’t see to well, I wasn’t wearing my glasses and it was too dark, but I knew he wasn’t wearing a shirt as he ambled towards us. I shook Lluvia awake, telling her that someone was coming towards us. I was scared, it was like I just suddenly sobered up and I felt like one of the deer that I would sometimes scare. Lluvia was clutching my shoulder, hard.

“MK, what the hell” she muttered, keeping her voice down.

I was frozen, the Man was holding something in his right hand, and now that I think of it, I realize it was a towel. The thing was splotched with something dark, I’m pretty sure it was blood! Behind it, no matter how bad my eyesight was, I know I saw something silver glint behind it.

I slowly got into a crouch as the man stopped 10 ft away from us. My muscles were tense, ready to run as fast I could away from this. Lluvia was standing, her smaller frame leaning over me as she whispered to me, “I think that man is just watching us”

I had nodded, he was just standing there, not doing anything except facing us. Then, he started walking closer.

“Lluvia run!”

I had shouted as we both took sprinted away. In that sudden moment, I remembered by coaches words, “sometimes you have to pretend a murderer is chasing you to get yourself to run faster”

And by god, I took my coaches words to heart. I looked behind me to see the man holding a flashlight, starting to chase after us.

“Here girlies!”

I can’t remember what happened next, if it was a rock or a branch but I went chrashing to the ground, my breath leaving me as I felt myself freeze with terror. The man was about 10 t away, slowly coming closer. I couldn’t see Lluvia, I just hoped that see was making her way back to the party. I got back up and ran like hell. I don’t know how I managed to lose the man, but I’m glad I did. I have no idea what would’ve happened if I didn’t notice the man.

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