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Ghosts are entities that cannot be explained. The word supernatural is just a word meaning out of the ordinary. Paranormal however, is specifically relates to legends, and Lost Souls, able to be seen. Accounts of spirits being spotted are sometimes made up. The term, “Seeing shadows from the corner of my eye” sometimes is just your hallucinations. At other times, the shadows are real. I have come into experience with the paranormal. Hearing voices all the time. But one time, the voices were caught on purpose. Ever since then, I have been a big believer in the paranormal. At the time of this story, I was skeptical about the subject. I decided to do ghost hunt in my own home. Neither of my parents were home, so there is no other explanation for this. I was recording this too. I lost the video due to phone storage. I walked around the house, asking random questions, but nothing so far. Suddenly, my body went cold, ice cold. I was using a screen recording app to capture it instead of a normal camera. Suddenly, the camera caught a face, or what might have been a face. I noticed and my face went pale. With a shaky voice, I asked, “If someone is here, can you turn on my xbox?” I knew that ghosts could mess with electric frequencies. Not but one second later, I hear this chilling word, that I will be imprinted in my mind forever. Right in my ear, I hear something say, “No”. That was truly enough to scare the crap out of me. I turned around, to find nothing, nobody. I was scared out of my skin. I ran into the next room. My dog, who normally finds someone running as playing and always follows, stayed in the room I ran from, which meant, the thing was following me, and was with me. After all that excitement, I rewatched the footage, too see what I had captured, it got everything, from the supposing face to the whisper. I instantly showed my friends, they said I had faked it all, but deep down, I know what happened, I experienced it. This, was all, real.

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