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I should like, if I may, to tell you of the happening that first started me off on the road of Sorcery. I will take it as a matter of course that by the end of my first sentence you already know what I am, and what I do in the Dark.  It happened on a thanksgiving night when I was only eight years old. The nights had just started to get the Fall chill and the smoke aroma of chimney fires.

All my fathers immediate family had gathered at my grandmothers house (this was before the passing of my grandfather).  Crammed in the corner of their large backyard was a little shed that held their lawnmower and housed their drying vegetables, which hung from the rafters like rag dolls. It is this homely little building that will be our main point of interest tonight!    Even after all these years my skin is breaking out in gooseflesh as I relate this to you (not in fear mind you, but in excitement).

But before that, there must be this.   At that time in my life any chance to go over to my grandfathers house was a cause for joy. Especially when more members of my large family were in attendance. My older sister generally hung out with our older cousin (no names here mentioned) and my younger brother was with me. The night passed merrily with good food and warmth, but every party has to wind down and eventually all us kids found ourselves watching T.V. in the living room with all our parents in the dining room and kitchen area.    Now at that stage in their lives my older siblings were in the mean stages of pre-prepubescence and every now and again when they got together they could be quite the nasty duo.   Like kids will we all found our way outside in the backyard when nothing good was on. I remember looking up at the clear night sky and being amazed at the brightness of the full moon, like it’s own midnight sun it hung there (and this being the first time I can ever remember seeing that curious moon halo that happens only sometimes). It’s light made the shadows impenetrable, and something about that night felt very much alive.

Almost before I knew it my sister and cousin were daring me to enter the dark little shack at the back of the yard. I was scared and didn’t want to go in, but they called me chicken and practically pushed me inside! I resolved to face my fear as I stood there and prove that i wasn’t chicken. Then, those two had one of their “genius” moments, and locked me inside! There was no light to turn on in that little shack and the Darkness was complete and undisturbed by my intrusion. The smell of  churned earth, musky rotten wood, and gasoline invaded my senses. I imagine that that shed is what a coffin smells like after a couple of years in interment.

I turned around quickly wanting to get out of there fast and begged them to open the door as I leaned against it! I could hear them giggling on the other side of the door    “…. no, let’s leave him!” came my cousins voice.  I renewed my pleading and began to beat on the door “No! Don’t leave me in here!” i cried.   But they ran off laughing, back inside to the warmth and the smiles.  The worst was yet to come, after only a short while trapped in there, something began to happen.

Scratching and creaking noises started creeping out of every corner of that little shed.  movement sounded all around me! then, a shudder ran through me! My eyes were as wide as I could possibly open them but still all remained black!   Then, an explosion happened right behind my eyes! Suddenly all that terrible Darkness was alive with billions upon billions of tiny pinpricks of light that bounced and collided with each other and changed color as they did so!

If by now you believe I may be stretching the truth and embellishing this story, then it is with a tingling delight that I tell what happened next!      All those pinpricks formed a background, gave the Darkness depth, and a bluegreen glow softly filled the void. This glow became a body, a body I could see through! (before that night I had never had an interest in the paranormal and had hardly ever even heard the word “ghost” used, I know now that what I saw was no ghost but…)

All I could make out was the frightening image of a cross between a bent old woman and some kind of monstrous lizard superimposed upon the seething darkness! It was bent down to the ground, squatting just to get on eye level with me.  It smiled hideously and hissed at me “Trruuuussssst mmmeeeeee, llllet mmeee iiiiinn!”  then it reached out with one claw and traced a line over my stomach! It felt so hot where the claw had passed through my shirt and skin that I was sure I was bleeding! I Never screamed so loud in all my life!!  I screamed again and again! Leaning back against the door trying to force my way out!! Again and again, over and over it reached with a deep voiced giggle to trace another line over my belly leaving an empty scorched feeling on my skin!

Then, like a shining beacon of light I hear my grandmother call my name.

She opened the door and I bolted right out of there fast, without even trying to explain. I didn’t notice when I got back inside with my grandmother not far behind, and I haven’t told anyone the story. Until now.

Since that day I have felt a tug at every shadow and sought to arm myself against such malignant creatures, every now and again I have a dream of those claws on my skin… but I get less and less afraid every time.

(I have been a fan of your videos for a long time now, and have been waiting for the right time to share this and perhaps other stories.  Let me assure you. Not a single word of this is fabricated.) — with mutual respect,  – Silvanus D. Asher

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