Something’s in the Bathroom

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I’ve always been a believer of the supernatural and have always wanted to encounter someone or something; but for my first experience, it wasn’t what I had expected.

It had happened back in 2013 to be exact, during summer vacation.

I was busily doing my daily chores before my mother had come home and my little brother was playing his game as usual in the living room. I live in an apartment with my two brothers and one sister, along with my mother. During this occurrence, my older sister wasn’t home and my older brother had been sleeping. It was around 2 p.m. getting closer to 3 during the day. I hadn’t believed that such a terrifying event could happen during the day.

As I was picking up my little brother’s toys and going to put them back in our room, I heard a strange knocking sound. My room is connected to the dining room, which is connected to a short hall where the bathroom branches off of that leads towards the kitchen.

I froze in place with the toys still in my hands unsure of where the knocking was coming from.

I stood frozen for a couple of minutes, looking back at the bathroom door that was slightly open but the light was off and my bedroom that was widely open with sunlight shining through my window, filling up the whole room. As I drew nearer to the middle between both rooms, the knocking grew louder.

I gasped, and dropped the toys and decided to run to my little brother and sit on the couch. Then suddenly a knock came on my front door. I jumped and hurried to answer it, frightened.

I opened the door only for it to reveal my older brother’s best friend Kyle. He had asked “Lissa, is your brother awake by any chance?”. I had replied “no” and he said, “Will you tell him I stopped by?”. I nodded, and just as he was turning around to leave I had asked him, “Kyle, could you possibly come inside and check out this weird noise I’ve been hearing? It’s really freaking me out”. He gladly stepped inside and as we drew nearer by my room and bathroom, we stood still and listened.

After a few more times of hearing the knocking, Kyle had came to the conclusion that it was indeed the bathroom.

He had seemed a little shaken up by it, but was determined to find out what it was. We were right by the slightly opened bathroom door now, and the knocking grew louder, as if whoever or whatever knew we we coming in.

I was able to figure out a pattern as the knocks soon turned into ferocious bangs against the shower wall. The bangs came in threes and were faster as we entered the dark bathroom.

Kyle then flicked the light switch on and yanked the shower curtain open and it had completely stopped. Both of us were freaked out. I had thanked him and he bolted out of the apartment.

I never again heard the knocks, but still feel as if there is a strange presence in the bathroom to this day.

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