Something Strange in Retail

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This is happened to me and some people I work with. It’s not a long story, but here we go!

I worked overnights at a big grocery store chain in New Hampshire, at this time I was about seven months at the time this was even more disturbing.

This was about 8 years ago, so back in 2009. I can’t tell you the exact time as it was so long ago—but there was still a cashier working so that means it hadn’t yet reached 1am (weekdays we closed at 1am)—but it was late and it was dark. Being on overnight, there is a skeleton crew; maybe 5-7 of us at that hour.

I was up front bringing a couple items to the cashier that belonged up with her when there was a sudden and startling thumping and some other noises.

We glanced out the front windows (they were all glass) but couldn’t see anything even with the lights from the parking lot.
More noises continued to happen, and these had to be pretty big noises to make it through the windows and doors as none of them were open and we couldn’t see anything.

The cashier calls a couple of the bigger guys I work with to the front, they checked cameras but couldn’t see anything— so a few of us go outside to look around (I stayed closer to the door because of being heavily pregnant).

The guys come running back with looks on their faces and say to get inside NOW! So in we go and they are locking the doors, everyone that’s there goes around locking doors and someone calls the cops.

We’re all wondering what the guys saw. While we’re waiting for the cops there’s a noise at the front windows and there’s this guy WITH NO PANTS ON, no pants! Blood smeared on him, rumpled clothes and looks like he must be on some strong substance..then he disappears around the side of the building where we heard more noises again.

Cops show up and after a bit of a scuffle and et cetera, the guy is taken away and we can unlock the store. Things basically go back to normal.

Those noises the cashier and I first heard? The guy somehow managed to bust his way through a car’s windows, not just one but two windows. There was blood all over the inside and outside of the car from cutting himself.

I’d include a picture of the incident, but I can’t find it in the local newspaper online and don’t have it from back then anymore.
Nothing got taken from the car and everyone else was fine other than a little freaked out.

That was an interesting night for sure..

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