something scared the cats

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So first of all, excuse my bad english, I’m from germany and not always sure about my english writing skills, but I will try my best…

This little incident happened about two or three years ago and I totally forgot about it until today. I’m sixteen years old and I’m a complete crazy cat lady. I own three cats by the names of lilly, luna and lara.

One afternoon I came home from school.

I was basically home alone, except for my aunt and cousin, who were living downstairs. It was a normal day, I came home, ate lunch, fed the cats, things I do every day. After all of that was done, I decided to go up in the attic, were my room is and watch some TV. My attic is really small and only fits my bed and a TV, together with my quite large DVD collection. I sat down on my bed, turned the TV on and started drawing some random stuff.

One of my cats joined me and it didn’t take long for the other ones to do the same.

Now I was just hanging out with all three of my cats in my small attic, when suddenly the cats started acting weird, they seemed scared and nervous and got up from my bed. Under my bed, there is a little space, about four inches. All three cats gathered in front of my bed and looked underneath it, hissing aggressively. I was scared as fuck and quickly got down from the attic, my cats following me, with terrified looks on their little furry faces.

Everybody told me that my cats were probably overreacting to nothing, being the weird creatures they are. Being a believer in the paranormal and totally scared at that time, I feared for something like that happening again. Nothing ever happened after this and I myself am starting to think my cats were just being foolish and crazy, but who knows, it might have been a spirit passing by, or sonething else…

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I too believe in the paranormal and animals, especially cats, can see things we can not. Don’t chalk it up, be glad you paid attention. You never know. By the way, your English is better than most people who speak it as their first and/or only language. 🙂


Your English is impressive