Something on the Balcony

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By Elias N.

Before you hear this story have in mind I do not support the existence of werewolves or any mythical creatures nor do I believe in them.

It was a typical Athens,Autumn night.The weather was windy outside of my apartment but nothing unusual for Greece.I believe I was 10 or 11 years old that night.I was sleeping in my bed when I suddenly woke up for an unknown reason.Probably because I had heard a car or a loud motorbike passing by.It was a bit of a noisy neighborhood but I liked it.It was a safe neighborhood.

The PD was only 2 minutes away with a car and people knew each other. My bedroom had 1 wooden white door leading to the hallway of my parents’ apartment and a double glass one leading to our balcony which viewed the parking area of my block of flats.It didn’t give much of a view since the parking area had other buildings encircling it but it was good if you wanted to breath some fresh air or have a talk with some friends.

That’s when I saw IT. A creature standing on 2 legs with a height of about 1.85 meters standing behind my balcony’s door and just staring at me. At first I thought it was a robber since it had the average height of an adult male and since we lived in the first floor it was pretty easy for someone with a rope to climb up here. But then I realized it had 2 large pointy ears.

I couldn’t make out any other characteristics since it was pitch black outside on my balcony and the creature must had black skin or fur making it able to camouflage itself perfectly in the shadows. So there we were, staring at each other.I was asking myself while still in bed and frightened out of my mind while remaining motionless and soundless what the hell I was looking at and what the hell was looking back at me. I thought that whatever that thing was,werewolf or not that it was going to charge through the double glass door.

What truly terrified me was that it remained so soundless and so motionless while staring me. And then after about a minute the creature or whatever it was jumped off my balcony. I was so shocked that I didn’t dare to get off my bed for about a minute.I know it sounds insane.

A werewolf in Athens? It was too real to be an illusion in the dark. But yet it’s possible for your eyes to pull tricks on you while in the dark. I’m not scared from my experience since the world is a strange and yet fascinating place full of mysteries and beauty and since nothing bad happened that night. But still the image of the creature, werewolf, masked man or whatever it was still lives in my head and how it jumped off my balcony, off the 1 meter wall with bars with such ease while remaining soundless even after landing on the parking lot which was a 3 meters fall. It couldn’t have been a man.

A man jumping that way and landing on hard cement after a 3 meters fall could easily break his legs or at least give him an injury enough to make him sound off.

That night I didn’t sleep much. I kept thinking of what I had seen and all possible answers to my question. Luckily I never saw the creature again nor ever heard about it. I still don’t believe in werewolves but I don’t doubt their existence either.

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Wow, what a story. I’ve always believed supernatural legends were based off of some form of truth, although maybe twisted throughout generations but nonetheless originated in truth. Who knows, maybe you really did meet a werewolf? I know if I had this experience, I’d be left with questions for life.