Something Very Malicious Followed us

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first, a little about myself, I’m 18 years old, male, don’t do any drugs, do drink a little bit.

so a few nights ago, me and a few friends were invited to party, (you know, stay up stupid late and get drunk in a park, that sort of thing) at about 10:30 at night, one of my friends (ill call him James) said he was going to leave to go buy Marijuana off a dealer. me and another friend, (joe?) decided to go with him as he was very drunk, and we both wanted to make sure he was okay. (I myself had only had a little to drink, I don’t normally go to these things, and had only come to hang out with a few old friends I hadn’t seen in ages).

We got there ok and did the deed without incident, on our way back I rolled my friends a crappy joint (they were both really messed up and at this point I was kinda sober sitting them), we missed the bus on the way back, so we decided to walk back, at my friends suggestion, we cut through a graveyard, I was very careful to avoid stepping on where people were buried, but my friends, being the drunk, high morons there were, decided to jump from headstone to headstone while saying really vile things about the people buried below them.

At first I didn’t think much of what they had done, it was definitely in poor taste, but I obviously didn’t think much would come of it. A couple blocks later, James started begging me to roll him another joint, so we decided to go sit down behind a local pool. While I rolled the joint, my friend joe held an umbrella over me and the marijuana while James stumbled around smoking a cigarette. I was just finishing up, when everything around us seemed to get distant, and everything went silent, we were beside an air intake, and it all of a sudden shut off, I couldn’t hear anything coming from the nearby road. I looked up at my friends and instantly saw that they had noticed the oddity as well. All of a sudden I felt something brush past my ankle, and we heard four, very loud, distinct bangs, from on the other side of the cement wall we were beside.

I felt really freaked out and just… immensely uneasy, we all decided to get the hell out of there. my feelings were collaborated by my two friends, joe saying that he felt like there was something angry there, and James saying that that space had all of a sudden felt very, very bad.

I felt acutely like I was being watched as we walked away, after we reached the far side of the parking lot, that feeling had blossomed into a feeling of being followed. So I looked behind me, and I caught a very faint… image of the thing. it was too quick for me to really get a good look at it.

it was large, on all fours with a very wide hunched body, and backwards bent legs, like a dogs, with very large paws on it’s rear feet, and appendages similar to hands on it’s front legs. it was very skinny, I could see it’s ribs pretty clearly but it was also sinewy. It was covered in a sparse pitch black fur, with parts of it’s fur missing to reveal a very pale scratched and bloodied skin, it looked almost like this thing had been whipped.  If it stood upright, I believe it would’ve been 7-8 feet tall.

the two things that really stick with me were the fact that the hair on the back of it’s neck was raised, and almost looked sharp, and the fact that it’s eyes were a luminescent red colour that seemed to leave a trail wherever it went.

I just caught a glimpse it, as it darted behind us, and into a bunch of bushes beside the parking lot, I grabbed both my friends, and told them to look behind us. I pointed at it, and we all saw the eyes, they both wrote it off as a parked car’s tail lights through the bushes, as the thing stayed perfectly still, and blended into the shrubs perfectly. we kept walking, me ahead of the other two, at this point I started drinking, as I was stressed about whatever it was, and I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t real. When we got back to the park we were all at, my friend Joe said that he heard heavy, fast footsteps behind us, and a few minutes later, my friend James said that he heard two voices talking, both me and joe were silent, and had been pretty much so since the parking lot. A few moments later, I heard the voices too, they were low sharp whispers that were speaking very fast and angrily. at this point we were all spooked, and were happy to get back to everybody else.


After doing a bit of digging around, I’ve decided that this… thing was most likely a hellhound, or a demon of some sort. the fact that something  brushed my leg, and then knocked on the other side of a wall, with no easy access to, eliminates the possibility of it being anything physical. and lends itself to a more ethereal or paranormal explanation

two things further have happened since the incident,

firstly, I have had incredibly lucid, detailed and dark dreams about my friends and loved ones being possessed and tormented by a very evil being with a specific name I remember clearly, but wont mention here. and second, I still feel like it is watching me, waiting outside my home.

don’t disrespect the dead. There are things out there that do not take lightly to such things.

Thanks for reading this, (if ya did) I just wanted to share this somewhere, as I’m still very shaken from this. (I’m venting TBH) I know what I saw. I know I wasn’t hallucinating. before this I didn’t really believe in the paranormal. and again, I don’t do drugs, only drink, and I was pretty much sober when this happened.

if you’d like a more detailed description of this incident, feel free to contact me via email.

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