Something Knocked me out

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this happend on a thuesday 2018 at around [17:05]. i was doing a school project when my dad told me he would bring my little brother to basket ball training he said he would be back in 1 hour. well nothing really creepy happend until 10 minutes later i went down stairs to grab a snack then i heard something jumping on the couch. i thought it was my cat but then i realised it was louder than a cat jumping on the couch. i slowly turned around and then i saw a shilloute of a dark figure and then the last thing i remember was that i was in my room listening to music and then i heard my dad say to my brother how was the training my brother came upstairs and opened my door i asked back already? he anwsered yeah why would dad then say how was the training? My heart suddenly skipped a beat as i stood there eventually i asked how its impossible that you are already back. my brother replied with: i was one hour at training at that point i felt a chill down my spine i was knocked out one hour. it could be that figure that i saw or it could be someone that broke into my home. whatever it is i hope this will never happen


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