Something in the field

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I was out hunting coyotes on my farm on a cloudy Saturday morning. There was no real noise around me which was odd because there’s usually at least one squirrel ratting me out or a truck going my on the road, but there was nothing. I decided to start the rabbit call and wait for a while until a coyote came out. I had my Scar 17 across my lap as I sat under the tree. After about ten or so minutes I passed out.

I woke up about twenty minutes later to the sound of a dog barking. I looked out in front of me and saw a coyote looking back into the woods as it ran across the field. All I could do was watch because it was nearly flying; it ran so fast I couldn’t tell if it’s feet ever touched the ground. I decided to get on the back side of the tree and look around it because I thought the coyote may have seen me and was alerting another one that I was there. I looked down the scope and watched the tree line until something caught my eye, it looked like a large black malnourished creature of some sort. I put the cross hairs right on it and it kind of dipped behind a tree and looked right at me from the other side. Like it new exactly where I was. I waited a second as I was frozen in fear. I flipped the gun off of safety and put my finger on the trigger. It walked out and towards me, my heart was beating so hard that I could see the scope swaying with each bump. I took a deep breath and fired one round. Now for anyone who knows guns the Scar 17 shoots a .308 caliber round, which is no slacker when it comes to power.

I hit the thing right square in the chest, I know I did because I’m a pretty good shot and I saw what looked like dust fly off of the thing. It didn’t budge at all. I fired again and it still didn’t move, this time I put the cross hairs on its face and it looked like it was snarling at me, I fired two rounds right on top of each other and it moved it’s head a little bit still nothing. That was when I knew that this was it. I fired the rifle until I heard a click and my heart sank. I picked up rifle and ran to the top of the hill and got in my truck and drove down the drive way pushing about 50. I hastily locked the gate and drove home in a panick.

I haven’t seen that thing since and I hope I never do again but I’m always terrified and alert any time I go to that farm again.

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