Something in the blue Mountains

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This is a fairly recent experience that has really effected since it happened.

For some background and location layout, I’m a 21 year old from Australia and though I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal, though I’ve never been sensitive to it or easily paranoid or scared. This occurrence happened a month ago as I was returning from a wedding along the central coast which is 2 or so hours north of Sydney and I live just west of the blue mountains, a mountainous region west of Sydney and really a rather beautiful place. There’s a pretty direct highway that connects my hometown to where I was attending this event so it is a pretty straight forward drive on any other day that I’ve done countless time before.

On this particular night, I was driving home alone from a long day as I had work the next morning. It was 1am by the time I had gotten halfway through my drive in Sydney and due to an accident earlier in the day, my route was redirected to a side road I was very unfamiliar with but I thought nothing of it. As I was driving with the windows down and the music blasting I noticed my car was getting very hot, very fast. Granted, it was a hot day on the coast where I was but I thought it would be best to pull over and let it cool.

As I stopped the car and got out to stretch my legs, I was admiring the beautiful night view I had of Sydney behind me when I got this very uneasy feeling… its difficult to explain really but I had suddenly felt so unsafe and unwelcome where I was. I tried to brush it off, checked my radiator incase it was leaking or needed refilling and got back in the car to continue my drive home. I had gotten only 40 or so minutes further in my drive when this huge amount of smoke started coming from my bonnet, I pulled over straight away, popped the hood and after the smoke had cleared I noticed something leaking underneath the car. I know that the car was fine when I had left the wedding, I’m very careful about making sure everything is as it needs to be for a long drive so this was very unexpected. I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking and needed help but I hadn’t seen another car since leaving the city. Amongst my worry, that feeling of unease comeback like a ton of bricks. I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t feel safe but I couldn’t keep driving.

I eventually gathered myself after getting a call from my partner who was checking on my drive. I had explained the situation to him and was told to hang tight for 2 hours or so while he came to get me.
Of course, this wasn’t ideal but better then risking a drive and having a poissible accident.
As I was waiting, I was very nervous and on edge, not from the bush surrounding me or the animals running about… I’m from the country and very used to the sounds they make so they didn’t bother me at all, what bothered me was this intense and I mean really intense feeling of being stared down with utter hatred. I couldnt shake it and with every moment it was just getting worse and worse to the point I had locked every door and just sunk into my seat with my headphones in, pretending I wasn’t there. After what felt like hours a saw the sign of a set of headlights coming over the hill down the road towards me and I had a brief moment of relief before I heard what I can only explain as a very heavy and very loud pop off the roof of my car, like something jumped off after being completely unheard. It absolutely terrified me and I started crying hysterically, I was crying and shaking more then I’ve ever experienced when my partner knocked on the window to snap me out of it. I opened the door for him and clinged to him for dear life begging that we leave and that we can come back for the car another day.
It didn’t take to much convincing for him to walk me into his car when we both heard this ungodly screech from the bush next to us. It wasn’t any animal I had ever heard and the sound gave me this feeling like my soul was being ripped from me. We got in the car and floored it towards our home without looking back and it wasn’t until we left that section of mountains and started reaching the towns closer to our home that I felt safe enough to let my guard down and close my eyes.

I haven’t been comfortable enough to drive at night since coming home, I have felt watched since and have even moved our kelpie mixed puppy to our room for safety as he was recently attacked and lost a leg from what was assumed by the vet to be a larger dog only a few days after I got home. The only problem with this, is that we live in the suburbs and my neighbors all own nothing but small house dogs or cats.

My partner went to get my car with a good friend a day after and found that my roof had a heavy dent in the roof, he described it as roughly the size of a large grown man in length right above the driver side seat. As for the heating issue, we found out that one the hoses beneath the car had a puncture hole like it was stabbed. It been repaired now and haven’t had issue since, and I may of hit something driving back to explain the hole which is the most logical explanation but that dent, the feeling that I was so hated and my life was in danger combined with that soul crushed screech isnt something I can explain away… the people I’ve told suggested I may of just been paranoid and heard a possum but I know what a possum sounds like this was something entirely different. As for the what’s happened my pup, I have no explanation… I don’t feel safe outside anymore and I don’t feel safe with him outside. I can only hope whatever if causing this will go away.

I don’t know what caused my experience, I don’t want to know and I will never drive that route again. I’ve been in a lot of situations where I could have lost my life but none have ever terrified me to my core as much as this did.

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