Something attacked us

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My story starts in the brecon becons i had some how survived a 4 hour bus journey full of annoying new cadets on their first air cadet tactical leadership course tlc for short. Since this was my forth tlc my name was down for the advance level which involved live fire exercises and helicopter extractions. well as i am sure i have thoroughly bored you now, i shall continue with the story. Almost immediately after i got off the bus i was greeted by the warm welcoming bellowing voice of the camp warrant officer a former grenadier guard truly a cadets worst night mare.

He ordered all the advanced cadets to form a squad to the right of him and march down to the armoury tent, where we were given are weapons i had the pleasure of being the squads machine gunner which meant being armed with a jimpy as we commonly called this beast of a firearm. after we received our weapons the squad commander told us we would be yomping slang for hiking to the first checkpoint where we would be staying the night, with in the next 30 minutes with that being said we spent the next 30 mins checking weapons and kit the time finally came to begin the march. i felt something was wrong right from the get go,it felt as if we were being watched.

When we finally reached the checkpoint and setup camp the squad commander split us up into pairs to go out and patrol the perimeter i was paired with a good friend of mine a thick accented Scotsman called Angus, we were the first to go out on patrol we got about an hour into the patrol with out seeing anything of any interest, but all that was going to change over the next 10 minutes. as we entered the second half of our patrol we herd grunting and bark being ripped of trees, at first we thought it was just the local army cadet force being as incompetent as they normally are, so Angus being the no nonsense Scotsman he is fired a round directly into the air this is something we would soon regret with the round being fired off the muzzle flash briefly illuminated the surrounding area, which meant that we could see what was making those noises. the image of what we saw will forever be burnt into my memory.
what we saw was this half wolf half man creature it stood about 7 to 8 feet up lent against a tree. but what really traumatised me was its face this thing had glowing yellow eyes accompanied with a expression on its face, that i can only describe as pure hatred of us for what ever reason. as soon as the flash went we heard it start bounding towards us both of us wasted no time in emptying our guns into its general direction, one of us must of hit the creature since we heard a high pitched yelp and the foot steps going back the way they came. we stood there for about 5 minutes straight just looking in pure shock and fear at the woods, when we finally reacted to the frantic calls over the radio about what was going on. we were ordered to return to the check point where we would be air lifted by Chinook back to base. after me and Angus had calmed down and regained the ability to reacted like normal human beings. we were thrown straight into a de-briefing from the commanding officer, since that experience i have never looked at the wilderness the same way and probably never will.

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A guy in Air Forces. I KNOW someone like you wouldn’t say this unless you believed it.