Some sort of Dinosaur

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This story takes place in 2016, in Seattle, Washington. It was the middle of July, a few weeks before School began.

My Sister, niece, and Mother drove all the way from California to Washington State. a 13 hour drive that I slept hours through. We were going to visit my Oldest brother David, my nephew Lincoln, and Sister-in-law Elisa. When we arrived, I was tired, and wanted to sleep in bed, and after making a fort of pillows and blankets, I fell asleep.

The next day, we planned to go out on Lake Washington on a boat, and drive around. Lake Washington was a big lake, and since the 1950’s has gone a transformation to be a very clean and clear lake.

An important note, is that the fish in the lake are Trouts, Bass, Crappie, and Yellow Perch. Small fish for a big lake I guess. We were driving to the lake early in the morning, and I had brought two fishing rods, and some tackle for me and my older brother. It had to be around 6:30 AM when we got there, and it was oddly quiet on one end of the lake where it meets May Creek.

We put the boat in the water as fast as possible, and loaded it up with the things we brought.

We headed out into what could’ve been 50-70 feet of water, when we began Fishing. The water was lively, there was a tree that was sticking out of the water, and Bass, Trout, and Perch were all around it.

So far, we had 4 Fish. Three Bass, and one Perch. The water was very clear until the bottom, which was a bit clouded because of the constant moving sediment. Me and David both dropped hooked worms into the water when the fish disappeared. “Hey, where’d all the fish go?” I asked, looking around.

“Maybe you scared them off, bud”

My sister-in-law said from where she was laying down. Both me and David watched the log, hoping fish returned to it.

But nothing. In fact, we were still the only boat in the area. It was dead quiet, and I somehow didn’t freak out. Suddenly, the log moved and the water around it splashed. We thought the log was moving due to it rotting in the water, but, it wasn’t that.

I happened to look down, and saw something massive swimming around the log. Me and my brother both threw lines down in with bait, and hoped to catch the thing, which we thought was a record Bass or hell, even a Trout. The thing though….began to ram into the log, making it move.

I pulled my line up, and so did my brother.

Then, a fish swam by, it was a huge Large-mouth Bass. The black thing looked like it was pointing upwards, and we suddenly saw a huge thing come out of the water in front of everyone, and fall downwards on the Bass. Bubbles and sediment went everywhere, and we could only see and hear struggling in the cloudy waters. And then the blood well as a Fish head. We got the boat on and got the hell out of there. When we got onto shore, we noticed a log had chains wrapped around it, leading into the lake.

This is when we saw the creature again. But this time, it did something either amazing, or horrifying. The chains tightened, and we all saw the log being ripped up from the ground, and dragged into the lake. The monster was on the surface. We saw large points on the surface, with some sort of tail at the back. Then, it submerged, though the log was behind the thing, going to the deeper lake….

We never saw it again, and a news report said that 9 people saw the log floating later on….


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