Small town Skinwalker

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A few months back, I was on a routine 3rd shift. I work as a police officer in a very small town in Ohio. It is currently the middle of fall. I’m not going to say where, people can find it pretty easily.

Anyway, I was on a night patrol, driving in my patrol car. Most nights we are required to get out of our cruisers to check areas our cruisers can’t fit. There is a super long, almost 2 mile bike path we are supposed to walk down.

Well one night, as usual, I got out and walked the path. Usually we do this to make sure no one is hurt or overdosed. My flashlight was dimmed during my walk, since I forgot to put it on the charger earlier that day.

About 1 mile into the walk. I start to feel very strange, not a topical gut feeling. A feeling that you know something is wrong or something is about to go wrong. I began to hear leaves crunching. Turning in every direction the leaves would break. My light is so dim it is hard to see much of anything.

I continue trying to get this walk over, I start to speed up. In doing so, I must have triggered something’s instinct. Every time I sped up, the breaking leaves would get louder and continue with my pace.

I get to the point where I know something is there, so I just stop and listen. I waited for 5 min. Hoping to catch some kids playing a prank or a fellow Officer trying to get a laugh. But nothing. The sounds have stopped.

I began shining my light all around me. Slowly turning my light from tree to tree. Then I noticed something odd. I passed by it the first time. I shine my light back in the direction I noticed from earlier.

I can see something, but at the time it was hard to make out. The only difference I noticed was the contrasting colors. Old grey and black with red and orange leaves and a brown tree. I shine my light up from it. Then, two huge glowing eyes. Nothing like I have seen before. I have seen deer, wolves, and other animals eyes that reflect light. But nothing like this.

I hesitated, almost drawing my firearm. But I stopped myself, knowing that I could get myself in trouble if it was a prankster. This thing, took one step out from the tree it was behind. I got a whole body view! It was covered in feathers. Extremely tall and didn’t appear to be completely human. I noticed hands like a human. But it having feathers, that looked almost forced into the skin…

I start to back up. Thankfully it never moved more then what it did earlier. I was frozen in fear, to scared to move. But I snapped out of it when dispatched radioed me. “Police1 checkup” The sounds of the radio snapped me out of my trance.

I started walking backwards very quickly. Not taking my eyes off of this thing once. It felt like forever. But I finally got back out of those woods. My cruiser was in the clearing. I bolted as fast as I could to it. Not looking back until I got back in. I looked into the wood line from where I came from. Then I could see this things whole body. Head shaped like a demonic owl, head laying tilt. Just staring with its huge eyes. Its body, covered in some parts by feathers, others by skin that appeared to be falling off. Like it was rotting. Then a terrible odor came through. So powerful, it has engraved into my memory.

I unlocked my cruiser. Crawled in and locked my doors. I attempted to shine my spot light and brights at it. But it ran back into the woods. Letting out a scream that was like no other. I could feel the creatures below, rattle my insides. Leaving me almost sick to my stomach.

After it ran, I drove back up to my station. Sitting inside to recap what had just happened. I asked my fellow officers about it some time later. But got very odd responses. I was being told to never look where the noises come from. It would be better if I just ignored them all together.

I was confused at this point. Wondering if they had seen it themselves. But I was never given a definitive answer. Just told to keep my light charged and my eyes forward…

Well that is my story
Hope everyone likes it!

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