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Some may not believe my story and I understand that but at least hear me out before you close your mind. I will not say my name, where I live or my friend’s name for privacy and that but I will say where we lived was a well-populated area with street lights, shining on the streets.

This takes place in New Zealand at my friend’s house where I was for a sleepover. We don’t really keep in touch anymore as we’re going our separate ways and go to different high schools. Let’s just say the supernatural just loves me so when weird stuff happens I’m just used to it but always got a good story up my sleeve.

I was young, not too young to imagine this as well as my friend who can back up this experience that occurred. So my friend and I were both around eleven or twelve at the time this was taking place. We were both really good friends and loved to hang out with each other. In the end, both of us agreed to go to her house for a sleepover. Her house was a one-story house where the lounge, dining table and kitchen are basically all one room while the rooms where another section of the house. So I grabbed my stuff after school on a Friday, I assume, and we went to her house for the sleepover. This was probably in the late spring of November or early summer of December as I live in the southern hemisphere so don’t get confused.

So before the sunset, my friend and I went for a lovely walk to the beach that wasn’t far, near our school. As we were going through a brush walkway I got that feeling that something was off and the feeling of being watched. I definitely told my friend, obviously, she said it’s just my imagination or I’m just acting up, stuff like that.

The sun was setting and her family and I had dinner as we were back at her house. I remember it was a little awkward at first but then warmed up we were all having a good time. It was around the time where the sky was all sorts of colours, red, orange, pink, pale blue and yellow when I started to get this weird offset feeling.

Brushing the feeling off, I had a great time with my friend, running around, talking and going for that nice walk before the sunset.

And that’s where I come to the point of the sunset part, where I get that offset feeling. We started to get blankets to build a fort out in the lounge where we’d sleep for the night. The sun completely set now and it was around nine o’clock. The rest of my friends family was now in bed as they have a younger daughter sleeps with her parents.

We both made the fort, quite pleased with it. Even though our feet stuck out the end we were satisfied.

I don’t remember much of what happened next for the past five hours but I think her parents had to tell us to shut up a couple of times. I was a night owl so I was quite hyped and that kept my friend up and hyped as well.

Then things went south. It was when we were just standing and talking about the fort we built when something caught my eye. A large, big, muscular figure stood dominantly in the window. My friend doesn’t have any blinds and so we could see outside but not so well since the street lamp was a bit far from her house as she lived in a colder sack. The only thing that helped us to see the other houses and road was the full moon a bit above the houses with its illuminating light shining vaguely through the window.

Both of us, with curious young minds, went closer to this creature, looking right up at it. I will describe this creature to the best of my abilities. It was around seven ft tall, nearly reaching the top of the window frame, just inches below it. Its body was very muscular, had a snout of a wolf, pointed up ears and the body of a very muscular, buff man but had fur covering it. You could see the bristles of the fur as the moon shone onto it. The eyes were something I could never forget, they glowed a red like colour, the ones you’d see the alphas have in Teen Wolf. But the light from the moon reflected off the glass going onto its eyes making them shine white. It looked like it was snarling or just showing its teeth which shone a really white sparkle and were pointed like dogs teeth that a Husky has. The moon shone brightly and beautifully but it didn’t do so great as we both couldn’t see the creature perfectly. I personally think it might have been a werewolf but later on, I just don’t know anymore.

Both of us didn’t dare turn on the lights at first but just observe it. I then remember running to the kitchen to look at the time, I couldn’t see it so I turned on the light which wasn’t so bright but shone a warm orange. I specifically remember the time being around twenty-two minutes after one in the morning. My friend came running next to me, we weren’t scared but actually intrigued, almost excited that this is happening.

Both of us ran back, me being the leader and my friend following close behind me. We tried turning on the lounge light but it just made looking out into the neighbourhood worse so we turned it off. The light made it impossible to see the thing as the glass just reflected the light. My friend turned it off and I got closer to it, trying to understand what this thing is.

This is the part which scares me the most just thinking about it now. I remember the kitchen warm coloured light shine dimly onto this creature giving it enough light to see me clearly. I watched, as well as my friend, to see it turn it’s head to me, look at me straight in the eye with its red eyes but mainly shone a white from the moonlight and kitchen light. It almost looked as if this creature was grinning at me mischievously or smiling???

My friend freaked out and I felt scared and that isn’t like me. I simply don’t get scared until something bad is happening or something evil is getting at me. So to put it in an easier way, I’m a bad bitch so when I felt scared I knew I shouldn’t mess with whatever that thing is. I went with my friend away from the window and closer to the couch or to the T.V. We both agreed that it was really late so we should just go to sleep and so we went to our fort and climbed in. Our feet obviously stuck out as our fort only covered the top half of our bodies.

Later that night I woke up to see this ‘thing’. I will describe this, also to the best of my abilities, as I can’t really explain so well of what I saw. I was facing my friend as her back was facing me, I woke up to see this creature looking forwards towards the kitchen area more preferably the other part of the house. It looked like Remus Lupin in his werewolf form but smaller and closer to the ground. Its face looked deformed, its skin was overlapping other skin coming into the middle or something and it seemed like it was debating on what head of a creature it should turn to. Then, it snapped its head to me instantly and froze, like a child getting caught. My head fell back onto the pillow, well that’s what I think as I just somehow blacked out midway in falling?? I honestly don’t understand how.

Then, in the morning my friend and I both talked about this under our breaths trying to keep quiet. Once light from the sun poured into the lounge we got a better look at the window. There was no complete evidence of something being seven foot tall stopping the light of the moon coming into the room. The only thing in front of their window was a three-foot hedge cut into a square shape.

I never talked about that night nor did my friend as we couldn’t explain what on earth that was and didn’t want to sound insane. I didn’t even tell my grandmother and she knows a lot about these things, it just never really caught my mind. Questions now and then, run past my mind on what the hell that creature was. I still wonder if it was either a werewolf, skinwalker or a shapeshifter. Were there more than one? How did it get in the house where there was no forced entry? What did it do? What did it want? Was it those same red glowing eyes I’ve seen before? Did it bite me? Touch me? Watch me?

I honestly don’t know. I’m still baffled and shocked with that night and never speak about it. But that was only one of the weirdest nights as I’ve experienced much, much crazier things that range from my UFO sighting with my best friend to faires taking my fairy bread. I’m hoping and praying for protection.

As I said, I have many questions on why and what but who knows when I’ll get those answers or if I want to know. So this has always kept me on my feet and alert knowing things will come even if you’re not alone. Take care.

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