Sleep walking at Girls Camp

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I’m a 16 year old female turning seventeen in less than a week but, this happened when I was 12. While my mom was still with my stepdad he forced me and my siblings to go to a Christian church which to this day I still despise and they had this group called Young Women.

I’ll call it YW for short but anyways at the time I slept walked everywhere which is important to the story.

So YW had an annual camping trip that I had to go on. The place had a nice restroom reserved for said camping trip and the owners of the camping ground had a nice black lab who hung around the camp the entire time I was there. I don’t know why but, he chose to bond with me of all people. I’m so glad he did.

So on the second night there I slept walked to the restrooms.

Some of the girls had stayed up late and saw me walking not knowing that I was asleep and probably thought I was late up to pee.

Then they saw an old man start to follow out of nowhere. He just came out of the tree line and started following me. Shocked and confused they go after him.

I made it to the bathroom and before the man could go in as well the lab spotted him and started to go crazy. He chased the man into woods and didn’t come back with ’till morning. One girl ran into the bathroom and saw me laying on the floor fast asleep and partly woke me up and guided me back to my tent. The girls were brave enough to guard my tent for the rest of the night.

I should have put this first thing but, keep in mind that I was asleep for most of this and was told this the morning after so it might be exaggerated but it is true because the lab came back with part of the guys pant leg in his mouth.

He had a large scrape on his head.

The most likely scenario is that the lab caught him momentarily before he hit him and got away. I had to explain my sleepwalking to them so they knew why I never reacted. We told camp our camp leaders and everyone one was on high alert for the rest of the trip.

The owners even had the lab stay in my tent with me at night. So old man, let’s not meet. Oh and the dogs name was Bully if you’re wondering

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that was a really good story and that’s one of the few reasons why I don’t go out much