Sleep pralasis nightmare

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I’m a big fan when it comes to sleeping, it’s the time where you can shut the world out with your own thoughts and memory’s, even the nightmares give you a sudden sense of adrenaline and excitement. However I’ve come to being wary of what position I sleep in, I often sleep on my side with my hand tucked under my pillow, but with some tragic fights with my mother’s boyfriend I was forced to stay at my sisters sofa. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is switching to a nice warm cotton bed to a hot sticky leather sofa, anyways back to the scary part. Because of this drastic change of my bed I had to sleep laying on my back not on my usual side because the size of the sofa had me positioning all over, when I finally fell after constant figiting I woke up to what sounded like dog claws coming down the stairs, at first I assumed it was my sisters dog, it jumped on my cover and I could feel the weight pushing down, after minutes pasted by I realised that my sisters along with their dog was vistiting my granddad for a couple of days. I immediately trues to move my head up but found that I was driven in place, I was scared now not knowing what this was at the Time. I shut my eyes hoping to wake up thinking I was still dreaming but when I opened them it was morning and I heard someone coming down stairs from my sisters room, realising I still couldn’t move I started panicking but no word came out my mouth, by the way my head was positioned I couldn’t see who came through the door but they sat down and put on the tv I remember it was the tv show Jeremy Kyle, this calmed me down abit hoping that my sister had come back while I was asleep, but what happened next I would never forget, the figure who I assumed to be my sister got up and walked very slowly towards me, “WAKE UP” it said very loudly that it hurt my ears I could hear it getting closer and the sound of nails scratching on the walls as it did. Very quickly in a blink of an eye it sprung its face into mine, it was nothing but darkness in its face, at this point I was in tears, I was completely helpless and this thing was three inches from my face and suddenly it stared screaming, WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP, over and over till I could hardly stand it. Within seconds I sprung off the sofa crying on the floor I felt like I had come face to face with death itself, after getting my bearings I looked up to see it was still dark, I looked at my clock to see it was 2 in the morning, I turned on all the lights and checked all the rooms. I was in shock when I realised my sisters computer and game consol was missing, heading back down stairs I saw that the backdoor was open and muddy foot prints were spread all over the kitchen floor. I believe that that thing I was seeing was my subconscious telling me I NEEDED to WAKE UP for the very fact that we were getting robbed


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