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When I asked what are the physical capabilities of a skinwalker, this is one of the answers I got from user Props_angel about 2 years ago:

“From everything that I was told by a significant number of firsthand accounts, they are faster than a human while running (max speed for the accounts that I heard from Navajo was 35-40 mph). They also are very good at jumping onto rooftops from driveways (think older ranch so we’re not talking a home with vaulted ceilings). They can see exceptionally well in the dark.

First off, discard the idea of a lone skin-walker. Skin-walkers are like the raptors from Jurassic Park. You see one, you know there are more around you that you can’t see. So it would be a squad of soldiers against a coven of witches.

With that said, I once got in a hypothetical question after I found out that there was a skin-walker cave that I could potentially investigate if I chose to hike up a butte. I wanted to go. The Navajo man I was with refused. Hence the hypothetical conversation as to “What would it take to survive walking into a skin-walker cave?” He said that SWAT would probably get their butts handed to them as we’re talking very unconventional warfare.

Another user called christopia86 added:
It’s hard to say because there are very few stories where we get skinwalkers doing anything outside of running next to cars or talking only using direct quotes of people who have gone missing.

So lets go on what we know. They can run faster than a human, most stories talk of them keeping pace at at least 40-50 mph. They also keep this speed up. So they have speed and endurance that is definitely above average for most members of the animal kingdom. I also remember one story of one swinging tree to tree like an ape at similar pace so it’s also got comically high upper body strength.

So if you were to face off against one unarmed you would stand very little chance. Armed? Could definitely shoot one, nothing to say they are too fast to shoot. Depending on who’s telling the story they might be impervious to small arms fire. I suppose that if they are shape shofters they could just repair damage to organs. A good shot to the brain would probably be enough to kill it, depending on how abserd the story teller is looking to make it. I would say it could be blown to buts with a few shot guns, a squad of soldiers could probably shoot it to ribbons or blow it up.

As far as power levels go, there’s not really any logical bench mark. I guess they are on a par with vampires, depending on your definition of a vampire.

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